Katy Perry Decides to Stop Googling Herself

There goes one less email in Katy Perry ‘s inbox. The Dark Horse singer has admitted that there are more important things in life than just Googling yourself! “My image is just something superficial. I also try not to pay attention to what other people think of me,” Perry says. “I used to have Google alerts set up, which would notify me about everything that was being written about me. But I’ve stopped all that now. After all, there are more important things in life.”

Well said Ms. Perry. I assume she’s talking about her relationship with John Mayer and focusing on her career. I wonder what other celebrities completely ignore the news about themselves. If I had to take a guess Lady Gaga would be right up there. As far as those that do read everything? I’m guessing Justin Bieber reads everything. Who knows?

But at least Perry is starting down the right path of just believing in herself and not what others say about her.

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