The 10 Best Jon Stewart Daily Show Moments of All-Time

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart said goodbye to fans as the host of “The Daily Show,” back in August, but we still think about him. We still remember his dry humor, his quick wit, and his ability to poke fun at just about anyone without actually hurting their feelings. He is someone we miss desperately. I know, I know; he’s still here. We still see him on occasion – but it’s not the same. We miss Jon Stewart and his hilarious antics and his dry news reading capabilities. We love him.

We’re not stalkers or crazy obsessed fans or anything, but we do love humor and that’s what Jon Stewart gives to us each and every time. Now that it’s been more than two months since he bid us ado from his seat behind the Daily Show desk, we thought we’d ease a little of hurt, a little of the miss, and reminisce for a moment. His best moments; it’s not an easy category to narrow down. Most all of Jon Stewart’s moments made us laugh out loud (for real, too, not just that smirk-ish LOL), and narrowing down those moments of hilarity and laughter wasn’t an easy task. Someone had to do it, though.

The Post 9/11 Speech

We heard it all following the vicious attacks on America following 9/11, but we can say with confidence that of all the talk show speeches, Jon Stewarts was among the best. He wasn’t trying to be funny, he wasn’t trying to read a script. He merely said what was in his heart and he let the world know that like the rest of us he, too, hurts.

The Oscars

It technically was not part of his hosting duties for his television show, but it was gold – and we are not just talking about the shockingly heavy statues being handed out that night. When Jon Stewart hosted the Oscars, he was phenomenal. We love every second of it, and we loved that he didn’t hold back making fun of anyone, including people we don’t know, such as the people standing outside.

The Interview with Betsy McCaughey

When the great healthcare debate rolled around in 2009, Jon Stewart interviewed Betsy McCaughey, the anti-healthcare reform activist. He said to her at one point, “I like you, but I don’t understand how your brain works,” after he was able to virtually shut her down with facts and statistics every step of the way. Thanks for summing that up for us, Jon.

That Time he Told Jim Cramer, “Expletive You,”

It seems that 2009 was a big year for Jon Stewart with the hilarity of his show. When he hosted Jim Cramer on one night, he actually got into such a heated debate with the host that he ended the interview by telling his guest to perform a rather interesting act to himself, and it actually shocked Cramer. It made us laugh, though.

The 2000 Presidential Election

Yes, I realize that this was not exactly a moment in time so much as it was an actual year in time, but it’s what made Jon Stewart famous. It’s also what made a number of other celebrities famous, such as the hilarious Stephen Colbert. The entire thing was just too perfect, and his jokes and ability to read this news to us is something we will never forget.

Bush 1 vs. Bush 2

When George W. Bush (love that man) ran for re-election, Jon Stewart pitted him against himself from his first run. It was hilarious watching a full year of Bush running against himself and making us laugh the entire way through the show. We have to give it to Jon Stewart; he knows how to make us laugh in a way that no one else has been able to do for a very long time. We miss him. Have we mentioned that?

The War on Christmas

I said it myself just last night; I love Christmas as much as anyone else, but I need for this particular holiday to stay in its own month so that I can still shop for the holiday that is occurring this month. When you have 10 days to go until Halloween and you cannot find decorations because they’ve been replaced everywhere with Christmas décor, it’s weird. When Jon Stewart talked about the same thing on his show, we all got it. I mean, we got it. He’s right; it’s getting weird.

That Time he Out Beck-ed Glenn Beck

Remember back in 2009 when Jon Stewart used up half his show being Glenn Beck in the most hilarious manner? We do, and we still laugh about it. In fact, part of us has to assume that even Glenn Beck has to laugh about how he was out Beck-ed by Jon Stewart. If he can’t laugh about this one, he doesn’t deserve happiness.

All of Sarah Palin

The woman is probably a lot smarter than most Americans like to give her credit for, but we cannot help but love the way that Jon Stewart used her words to create endless jokes for about three solid years after she made the decision to run for vice president. It was gold; absolute gold. She’s someone you cannot help but listen to when she speaks, whether it’s because you agree with her politics or because you cannot wait to see what comes out of her mouth next – though it’s probably a mixture of both for some.

The American Flag Jackets

When Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert went to Washington in 2010, they held something they called a rally to restore sanity and/or fear, and it was priceless. What was most priceless about the entire thing, though, is the jackets that the men wore. The fleece hoodies with the American flag all over them made us laugh, and giggle and laugh some more. We’re not even sure why, really, other than the fact that they were so carefully paired with Stephen Colbert’s American flag star pants. Absolutely fantastic in every way.

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