20 Celebrities Who Completely Own Their Bad Teeth

Hillary Clinton

There’s a myth that you need to have a certain look in order to make it in Hollywood. We simply beg to differ. There have been many successful actors and actresses that have proved that beauty is more than skin deep, and talent trumps beauty any day—most days. Having bad teeth in Hollywood doesn’t mean jobs will shy away. In fact, many celebrities that have embraced their imperfections have stood out and become more memorable specifically for their quirk. What others might see as a problem; these celebrities have taken as simply another tool with a purpose. Here are 20 celebrities that have taken their bad teeth and owned them completely.

Morgan Freeman

1. Morgan Freeman

His voice is unmistakable, his presence undeniable. Morgan Freeman is a face that many recognize. The actor, director, and narrator has been actively entertaining us since 1964. Freeman is famous for his works in Driving Miss Daisy, Amistad, Million Dollar Baby, and Invictus among so many more. During his early days acting, Freeman’s bad teeth were noticeable—but only if you were looking. Otherwise, you really wouldn’t even know. He is 84 years old now and has since doctored up his teeth. He really didn’t need to.


2. Jewel

Everyone knows that Jewel has bad teeth. She’s a singer, so we’re all looking at her mouth. She’s been bashed for it many times in the past. Many people have asked her why she never got her teeth fixed even after she’s made all her money. The answer has always been the same. She just didn’t care that much. Her teeth have become part of her charm, and really, they’ve never taken anything away from her success.

Kirsten Dunst

3. Kirsten Dunst

Child actress Kirsten Dunst doesn’t really have that bad of teeth—at least unless you’re looking at it at the right angle. Dunst has what’s called a snaggletooth, a tooth that’s misaligned with the rest of the mouth. Her worst is the left lateral incisor, but the right one is pretty snaggled also. They’re pretty glaring in some of her photos. Regardless, Dunst has never gotten any work done, and frankly her teeth has become part of her identity. She’s still beautiful and talented.

Johnny Depp

4. Johnny Depp

Rarely do we come across anything that really highlights Johnny Depp’s teeth, but they are around. There’s really no need to talk about his bad teeth when there are so many other things about Depp that’s more pressing—like how great he is as an actor, how cool and good looking he is, and how talented he is as a musician. It’s likely that Depp damaged his teeth over the years due to smoking. He’s never needed to fix it in the past; it’s unlikely he will fix them in the future.

Woody Harrelson

5. Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson is as busy as ever. The 60-year old actor hasn’t really stopped making movies since the 90s. He’s established himself as a versatile actor capable of transforming himself into so many different roles. His most recent transformation is in 2021’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Carnage has visibly bad teeth, and Harrelson actually does as well. However, it isn’t something that stops him from ever smiling from ear to ear in press photos.

Hillary Duff

6. Hillary Duff

When she was younger, Hillary Duff had a bit of a problem with yellowing in her teeth. This was pretty obvious during her Lizzie Maguire days. Although the yellowing was a problem, the unevenness was more noticeable. Still, Duff was an adorable young girl that had enough charm and skill to make it. These days, you’ll notice that Duff’s teeth have changed completely. Horse teeth is what they’re generally referred to because they look too large and unnatural to be a person’s teeth. Duff supposedly had her teeth capped off to make them look better. We’re not sure if it actually does, but she’s rocking them regardless.

Michael Strahan

7. Michael Strahan

Former NFL player Michael Strahan has found a niche for himself as a TV personality. If we didn’t notice his gap before, we definitely notice it now that he’s on television every day. No one’s really going to make a big deal of it though; Strahan is a big guy, but that’s not really why. Strahan is one of the best show hosts that we’ve seen in a while, and he’s just a highly likeable and genuine person. Gap teeth or not, he’s fantastic and we won’t change him one bit.

Steve Buscemi

8. Steve Buscemi

Maybe you can look at Steve Buscemi and get a laugh going, but it’s really his acting chops that we find hilarious. Buscemi has a very particular look. He looks like a regular guy, bad teeth and all. Combined with his physical comedy and ridiculously hilarious facial expressions, Buscemi has found success in his acting career. While he’s not busy making us laugh, Buscemi is a volunteer firefighter with the New York City Fire Department. He used to be a firefighter for Engine Company No. 55 before he switched over to acting. Buscemi started volunteering in the fire department after the events of 9/11. You can guarantee that they don’t care about his teeth there either.

Tom Cruise

9. Tom Cruise

It might be difficult to notice with such an attractive smile, but you’d have to admit that there’s something odd about Tom Cruise’s teeth. If you can’t quite point it out, let us tell you what it is. It’s called a mono-tooth. A mono-tooth happens when one front tooth is aligned with the center of your face. Normal front teeth are aligned on each side of a face’s center. Once you’ve seen the mono-tooth, you can’t unsee it. However, his teeth have no bearing on his acting ability, so Cruise doesn’t care much about how they look.


10. Madonna

One of the most famous celebrities that have found success even with bad teeth is Madonna. Madonna’s gap teeth have been talked about for decades now. While the rest of her teeth are straight, white, and fine, Madonna’s gap teeth is wide. It’s difficult to ignore because she’s a singer. Still, her teeth have never affected the way she performs, so she never bothered to fix them. She really didn’t have to.

Anthony Davis

11. Anthony Davis

LA Laker Anthony Davis is taller than majority of the population. If you looked at him, the first thing you’d notice is how tall he actually is. At 6 feet 10 inches, it’s really hard to notice how his teeth look like—which is a good thing because his teeth are pretty bad. His top teeth were somewhat uneven, but the bottom teeth are the worst. He’s had some work done on his top teeth; and while they still look bad, the bottom parts are getting better. His teeth hasn’t stopped him from making the baskets though, so more power to him.

Miley Cyrus

12. Miley Cyrus

It seems that Miley Cyrus has always had bad teeth. She wore lingual braces while she was still doing Hannah Montana. Even after the show, however, Cyrus’ teeth still weren’t perfect. They were misaligned in various areas, but not entirely horrible looking. As a singer, her teeth is always front and center in any photo, show, performance, and whatnot. These days, her teeth are white and straight, but they’re still imperfect. That’s actually a good thing because it’s natural to have imperfections. It looks far better than getting all fake teeth.

Anna Paquin

13. Anna Paquin

Known primarily for her starring role in the HBO hit series, True Blood, Anna Paquin’s teeth are striking—especially when she smiles. Her two front teeth are larger than the rest of her teeth, but more so, they have a glaring space in between. The X-Men actress doesn’t seem to be fazed by it. She maintains her gap teeth to this day and still smiles as if her teeth are perfect.

Jessica Paré

14. Jessica Paré

These days you’ll find Jessica Paré on the CBS show Seal Team, being highly intelligent and hunting the bad guys. Paré is an exquisite beauty. She has an elegant look about her that just falls a little short when it comes to her teeth. You’d never know it unless she was talking or smiling, but Paré’s teeth are far from perfect. They have a slight tint of color to them. They are small, uneven, and a little spaced out. Still, it doesn’t seem to bother the actress and her viewers doesn’t seem to mind at all either.

Jon Heder

15. Jon Heder

There was a time when Jon Heder was everywhere. If you’re not familiar with who Jon Heder is, we’re sure you’re familiar with Napoleon Dynamite. It’s hard not to picture Heder as the titular character, but we have to do it. That’s the only way to picture how bad his teeth really are. These days, Heder no longer rocks the funny haircuts, so he doesn’t seem as funny. His teeth are still large and prominent, but they’re white and clean.

Ethan Hawke

16. Ethan Hawke

They’re not the worst ever, but Ethan Hawke’s teeth fall under the bad category under Hollywood’s impossible beauty standards. Hawke is an attractive guy, even with his crooked tooth. That tooth has given us Before Sunrise, Gattaca, Dead Poets Society, Training Day, and so many other great films. He doesn’t need straight teeth to be the excellent actor that he’s always been. This means that he doesn’t need to get them fixed, and that’s the reason why that tooth is still crooked to this day.

Avril Lavigne

17. Avril Lavigne

Not only does it seem like she’s got more teeth than the average person, Avril Lavigne also has fangs. Maybe it works for the Canadian singer-songwriter’s punk rock look. She’s fierce, and her teeth can show you. Lavigne has received a total of 169 awards throughout her musical career—fangs and all. Fangs are some of the easiest dental problems to fix as well. A little tooth shaving and her teeth would be perfectly straight. But Lavigne probably just sings in her head, “Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?”

Ricky Gervais

18. Ricky Gervais

The English are known for having notoriously bad teeth. Could it be genetics or straight up improper hygiene? Nobody knows. Even successful celebrities such as Ricky Gervais are not immune to it, and many don’t really care. Gervais seem to fall under that category, as he proudly rocks his imperfect and uneven teeth. Gervais is notorious not for his bad teeth but for his bad mouth.

Charlie Sheen

19. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has had his fair share of negative press throughout his career. The 56-year-old actor seems to be having issues with his teeth falling out. Many have said that this is happening due to his excessive drug use, which Sheen has gotten help for in the past. Nobody knows for sure what’s going on with Sheen’s teeth, but we do know that he’s replaced his fallen teeth with gold implants. It looks a little silly, a little tacky, and maybe just a little funny, but Sheen doesn’t seem to care. He’s been on the road of self-destruction for a long time now, and he’s not going anywhere.

Hillary Clinton

20. Hillary Clinton

Of all the celebrities on this list, Hillary Clinton has got to be the biggest bad wolf of them all. What big teeth you have, grandma—you might say. Yet she’s not done much to correct them at all. The former presidential candidate and former first lady of the United States is always under scrutiny. She’s clearly got a lot of dental issues and has had some dental work done. You can tell which ones of her teeth are real and which are fake by just looking. Clinton probably has way more things to worry about than her teeth. Some people just can’t be bothered.

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