20 Celebrities Who Pulled Off Great Pixie Cuts

Halle Berry

There are hairstyles that have become timeless cuts for women, and the pixie cut is a great example. Not everyone can pull off a good pixie cut, so it’s good that the style has evolved over the last few decades to reflect personalities, tastes, and personal preferences. We see pixie cuts on female Hollywood celebrities all the time, but not all of them work. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites—the ones that show a little bit of originality and a lot of a celebrity’s individuality. Here are 20 celebrities who have managed to pull of great pixie cuts.

Kristen Stewart

1. Kristen Stewart

When Kristen Stewart chopped off her locks in 2018, it was like she became a completely new person. It even seemed as if she became a totally different actress as well. Her role choices became bolder; her acting became more definitive. Gone were her Twilight days, and her immaculate pixie cut signaled the transformation. Stewart’s cut was just as daring—jagged on the edges and not easy to figure out. Her cut became even better when she died it blonde. Nowadays, we can’t get enough of her and her hair.

Emma Watson

2. Emma Watson

Here’s another coming of age story. Emma Watson is like the global sweetheart. She’s talented and intelligent, and she’s got the kind of face that would look good bald. Though that may be the case, we’re glad she opted for a pixie cut instead. Watson first sported the short hairstyle in 2019, and she’s been wearing her hair that way since. She rocks her hair in a cute boyish way with short, jagged bangs and fringes by her ear. The way her hair is cut frames her face beautifully.

Michelle Williams

3. Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams has been wearing her hair short since around 2014, and it’s hard to remember her with long hair during the Dawson’s Creek era. The actress and singer works Hollywood stealthily. She’s able to transform herself into the roles that she plays, and she looks great in all of her films. However, Williams is the best when she’s just herself, pulling off a great pixie cut in a variety of colors. She’s worn all shades of blonde, brown, and reds, but we’ve never seen Williams rock her pixie in black.

Kiera Knightley

4. Keira Knightley

If it seems like Keira Knightley has been around forever, that’s because she’s been acting for almost her whole life. Knightley rose to fame after she appeared in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but she already had roles in smaller films before that. Knightley has an extremely memorable face. Her strong jawline, big bright eyes, and small nose work so well with the pixie cut that she started wearing recently. Her pixie cut is edgier with longer bangs that she wears across her face, but our favorite pixie style is when she sweeps her bangs a bit to the side. Knightley looks good in any haircut, but we’re enjoying the youthful vibe of her pixie.

Jennifer Lawrence

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Having the girl next door vibe works for Jennifer Lawrence, but this actress has a switch that she turns on when it comes time to act. Lawrence is one of the most talented actresses of her generation, and she proves this again and again in every single film she does. There was a time when Lawrence’s hair became famous because of her role in The Hunger Games. The way Katniss Everdeen styled her hair in the book and film became the trend. However, we’re glad to see Lawrence has moved on from that time and is now wearing a more mature haircut. Lawrence’s long blonde pixie suits her face and her personality well. Her hair looks particularly good when she wears it teased and gelled completely back.

Kate Hudson

6. Kate Hudson

The blonde beauty is the epitome of Hollywood royalty. As the daughter of actress Goldie Hawn, musician Bill Hudson, and stepdaughter of actor Kurt Russell, Kate Hudson grew up in the spotlight. When she debuted in film, her signature look was simple: flowy, shoulder length, blonde. Hudson cut her hair for a movie role in 2017, and she totally owned it. The pixie cut gave Hudson a sexier look, taking her away from the sweet and safe vibe. These days, Hudson plays with her short pixie with lowlights and dark brown undertones. She’s looking younger than ever these days.

Miley Cyrus

7. Miley Cyrus

If a haircut could be a statement, the pixie cut would say, “I’m the baddest and coolest in the house.” That’s what Miley Cyrus told us all after she left her Disney persona back at Disney World and opted for what she says was always her image. She became sexier, edgier, and just a little bit crazier. Cyrus has settled into her image better these days, and she no longer tries too hard to get noticed. But we’re still noticing her gorgeous pixie cut to this day. Cyrus likes to wear her pixie cut with buzzed temples and brushed back longer bangs. She looks great in it as a blonde, and surprisingly it actually does make her look more mature. Or maybe she’s just gotten older. During the pandemic, Cyrus changed her pixie into a mullet pixie, and it’s genius to say the least.

Zoë Kravitz

8. Zoë Kravitz

Zoë Kravitz is everywhere these days. And why not? Her talent and her looks are unforgettable. That’s what happens when you’ve got parents that are Lisa Bonnet and Lenny Kravitz. Let’s not forget that Jason Momoa is her stepfather. Family tree aside, Kravitz has always had a striking look. When she got the pixie cut, her beautiful features became even more prominent. The cut was such a dramatic change from her usual long braids. Kravitz’s pixie is extremely short. We’ve seen it black and also blonde. She looks good in both. You can see Kravitz and her pixie while she plays Catwoman in the upcoming The Batman film.

Ruby Rose

9. Ruby Rose

Australian model, actress, and producer Ruby Rose pretty much invented pixie cut glam in Hollywood. Rose has always had this metrosexual appeal, and the pixie cut has always worked for her look. She rocks a pixie that has a longer front, which she plays with depending on the style she wants to achieve. Sometimes she slicks it back; sometimes she lets the pixie just flow to the side. There are times when Rose wears her pixie like a boy’s cut, and it looks ridiculously gorgeous on her. We imagine it works well because she’s got stunning facial features.

Ginnifer Goodwin

10. Ginnifer Goodwin

Here’s another actress that’s a pixie cut OG. Ginnifer Goodwin looks good no matter how her hair is cut, but the pixie is definitely one of our favorites. Ever since Goodwin cut her hair short, she’s never really gone back to wearing her hair long. Goodwin’s pixie cut has ranged from medium-length to just a bit longer, and she switches to blonde from time to time. Goodwin’s green eyes stand out even more with her pixie framing her face.

Jada Pinkett Smith

11. Jada Pinkett Smith

Lately, Jada Pinkett Smith has been sharing her journey with alopecia, a hair loss condition that affects many people. You might find her lately with a buzz cut or completely bald, but Jada has worn her hair so many different ways. Jada’s pixie cut is one of our favorites. Being only 5 feet tall, having shorter hair actually elongated her neck and made her seem to just float. Jada has rocked different versions of the pixie cut and she’s also worn it in different colors. She looks good regardless of her hairstyle, and we truly appreciate her efforts to shed light on a condition that creates self-esteem issues for many.

Katie Holmes

12. Katie Holmes

Joey Potter aka Katie Holmes was the ultimate America’s sweetheart. She won us over during her time on Dawson’s Creek alongside fellow pixie wearer Michelle Williams. However, those days are long gone, and Holmes grew up to be a sophisticated fashionista. Although we love her long flowy locks, she totally rocks the pixie brunette look. Her pixie style is effortless. She doesn’t use too much product to hold her hair in place. She just lets her hair flow freely and the effect is entrancing and refreshing.

Katy Perry

13. Katy Perry

As a purveyor of unique looks and odd tastes, Katy Perry likes to switch things up. In fact, we’ve seen her wear more fruit on her body than anyone else in the world. Perry may not always get fashion right, but she stay true to what she likes. And that’s perfectly okay. She did get her haircut right, however, as she now wears a jaw-dropping platinum pixie cut. Her hair isn’t always platinum blonde, but she looks good whatever color she chooses. Perry’s pixie is more on the shorter side, and she likes to wear them spiked up with a ton of volume.

Charlize Theron

14. Charlize Theron

Could it be possible that Charlize Theron is only getting better and looking better with age? There was a time when Theron went for more of a blonde bombshell vibe, but those days are long gone. These days, Theron opts for more of a mysterious and you-don’t-want-to-mess-with-me pixie look. It absolutely works for her, especially in her last Netflix movie, The Old Guard. In the movie Theron work her hair short and black, but she still wears her hair blonde most days. Also, don’t forget her buzz cut in Mad Max: Fury Road because that was epic.

Natalie Portman

15. Natalie Portman

We’ve seen Natalie Portman go from child actress to Academy Award winner. We’ve seen her become Padmé. We’ve also seen her become Jackie Kennedy. We’re soon to see her bulk up as Mighty Thor pretty soon. But we’ll never forget that time when we saw her shave her own head on screen on V for Vendetta. Of course, her head was rounded to perfection, and she really owned that buzz cut. That was actually the beginning of what would be the cutest pixie cut on actress. Portman rocked the pixie cut for a few years, but eventually grew her hair out for other movie roles.

Scarlett Johansson

16. Scarlett Johansson

Everyone’s heart broke when Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow character died in The Avengers: Endgame. We’ve followed that character through her transformations, and it was hard to let that go. When Johansson decided to let her hair go in real life and have the pixie cut in 2014, we weren’t sure if it was the best decision. It didn’t seem to suit her vibe, and the color totally washed her out. Since then, Johansson has changed her mind with her updated pixie. She’s had the pixie cut from time to time, and it suits her much better today.

Cara Delevingne

17. Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is a known trendsetter. After all, it was her eyebrows that started the whole bushy eyebrow trend in the last few years. We know she wasn’t the first to have rocked it, but she inspires everyone to tag along on the trend because she looks so good in it. The same is true with her pixie cut. Delevingne wears a short light blonde pixie and it just works. She’s also worn her pixie platinum, golden brown, and dark brown.

Viola Davis

18. Viola Davis

Long sweeping bangs and a shaggy pixie is Viola Davis’ latest hairstyle. There’s something about this cut that makes her more youthful and appealing. Davis has very strong features and the pixie cut somehow softens up her look. It’s a refreshing take on the usual pixie cut, and we love the way she just lets her bangs fall naturally across her face. It’s a much needed change from her previous bob hairstyles. Davis looks at least 10 years younger with a pixie cut.

Lupita Nyong’o

19. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o’s pixie cut highlights her natural curly hair. It’s such an original look that not many people can pull off. There are times when she shaves her temples and wears the pixie higher on he head, and that’s one of our favorite looks from this talented actress. Lupita Nyong’o looks incredible with any hairstyle, but she looks best when she keeps her hair short.

Halle Berry

20. Halle Berry

Let’s give it up for the ultimate pixie cut OG. Forget her horrible hair in the X-Men series. Halle Berry has been wearing her hair with a pixie cut since forever. To say that she looks good in it is an understatement. Berry has perfected her many pixie styles over the years. Whether it’s spiked or messy or flowy, Berry has done them all. No one else can slay the pixie cut the way Halle Berry has throughout her career. Hands down, she’s got the best pixie cut of them all.

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