What is DWTS Going to Do For Rumer Willis’ Career?

Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis might only be 26=years-old, but that doesn’t mean she’s past her prime. She’s long since had aspirations to become an actress like her mother and father, who are two of the most famous actors in the world. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have three daughters together, Rumer being the oldest. She began acting beside her mother when she was just a child and has appeared in films with both her mother and her father. But the real kicker is that she’s also starred on her own in many movies. The only issue with her career, however, is that she doesn’t seem to have any leading roles to call her own. And while we are not experts on her inner-most feelings and desires, we don’t think that she has aspirations to become a small part actor in films alongside more famous actors. With that said, we think that her recent appearance on Dancing with the Stars and her subsequent win is really going to help set off her career.

For one, people have long since discussed Willis’ look. She’s a lovely combination of her mother and her father, but a bit more so her father. There have been many that have said it must be difficult to grow up in the shadow of a beautiful mother and not be quite as lovely as she, but there is no reason to believe she’s not lovely. Perhaps it’s the dark roles she’s played in many of her films, including a gothic sorority girl in the film “House Bunny” that leads people to believe she’s a bit gothic and not quite the right fit for Hollywood. Regardless what personal issues people have with Willis’ look, however, there is no denying that she is a talented dancer and actress. Perhaps now that she’s shown the world her lovely side, her soft dancing, her beautiful soul and her most glittery and sparkly side, they will see her in a different light. However, what it will do is make her a more famous face.

Make her More Recognizable

One of the biggest achievements she will see from being the winner of DWTS is her face becoming more recognizable. There were so many moments throughout the season in which the cameras cut away from her dancing to show her mother and her father in the audience, reaffirming the fact that she is the famous daughter of a famous couple of actors who have made their mark on Hollywood. Additionally, even if people don’t care that she was already famous, she’s now the winner of one of the best reality competitions in the business, and that is going to make her exceptionally recognizable. When you’re recognizable, you’re in demand in the acting world.

Broaden Her Range of Abilities

Now that we know she can dress up in clothing that isn’t so dark and so out of range, we know that she can do a lot more than she’s ever done in the past. What people in Hollywood will see now is someone who people recognize, and someone who has the ability to do different things. For example, did you ever consider her a lovely dancer before actually seeing her dance? The answer is probably not, and that means that her appearance on this particular show has already done that for her. People now see her as a dancer, which means there will be more roles opened up for her should she make the attempt to pursue them.

Make her More Likable

One of the issues she has in her shows and her appearances is that her likable roles are always very small and short-lived, but her unlikable characters tend to stick around for a while. It’s difficult to be typecast as a certain type of actor in Hollywood, particularly when it’s always the “bad guy” or that person that people aren’t supposed to like. That makes it difficult for others to see you in any other light, which makes it difficult for others to see you in a light that’s not quite what you want to be seen in. With DWTS, cameras show up to rehearsals, in her personal life and other areas of her life to show off the person that she is and the real person behind her characters, and that makes her a lot more likable. That’s going to help her career tremendously.

Open Doors

More doors will certainly open for Willis now. For example, did you realize that many of the people on the show that have been considered “B” list actors and actresses have gone on to host very successful shows that have helped to empower them and their careers? Who wants to bet that there will soon be a hosting gig available with some news network or on some new talk show for Willis? It’s happened to most of the winners in the past, and it’s been something that has really changed the careers of so many people who do watch the show and participate in the show on their own seasons. New doors she has never even considered will begin to open up for her, and it’s just a matter of time.

Anything she Wants

There’s always the chance that her DWTS appearance will do nothing for her career because she chooses to let it do nothing with her career in terms of acting. She might choose to go a completely different route. She could choose to become a fashion designer, as she has always had an interest in the fashion industry. She could be asked to collaborate with another designer, she could write a book, she could write a screen play, she could direct or she could act. Let’s just say that winning a show like this makes it possible for the winners to do just about anything that they want with very little argument. Rumer Willis is clearly a talented young woman both on the dance floor and in front of the camera, and there is no reason her win can’t provide for her anything she wants.

Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

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