10 Things Alexis Bellino Doesn’t Want You to Know

Alexis Bellino

She’s known in some circles as Jesus Jugs, and while it’s not the most fitting or appropriate nickname, it kind of works for Alexis Bellino. She is a former real housewife from Orange County, and she is one who doesn’t always see eye to eye with the ladies on the show. Deeply religious and very firm in her beliefs, she’s often the one standing up and telling the other wives that their behavior is deplorable, and then turning around and doing the same thing to them. She’s a human, and we get it.

But, she’s no longer a part of the hit reality series. She was fired following the finale of season 8 alongside Gretchen Rossi, who was part of the show much longer than Bellino. It seemed that the series producers decided that Bellino had run her course on the show and was no longer someone entertaining enough to keep their audiences interested, so it was out the door for her. She might not be a reality television star anymore, but there are a few things that we are fairly certain Alexis Bellino does not want the world knowing about her.

Her Daughters Almost Drowned

I know that being the mother of twins (plus additional children) is a busy job, but when Alexis Bellino and her husband Jim were attending a Fourth of July BBQ at the Balboa Bay Club in Orange County back in 2010, they did something tragic. They left their twin daughters in their stroller while they were off doing something else according to witnesses. The stroller wasn’t secured and it ended up falling into the pool with their children inside. Fortunately, there were people around able to help and they retrieved the toddlers from the pool and saved their lives.

Net Worth

Jim and Alexis Bellino have a net worth of $500 thousand. It’s been said that their financial troubles have gotten the best of them in recent years and that they are struggling to get by without Jim making any money and without Alexis making any, either. The couple has been under the microscope since she became famous, and their finances are suffering as a result.

Her Husband is Unethical

For someone who believes that we should take everyone at face value and believe what they say, Alexis Bellino sure doesn’t want people to know that her husband was, only a decade ago, accused of forging signatures of famous people and selling them online as sports memorabilia. He was investigated by the FBI and required to pay a hefty fine and stay out of the business.

She’s been Married Twice

She’s a big believer in religion, and we love that about her. However, she is often very quick to judge others for their life choices, such as remarrying or divorcing a spouse, yet she’s done both. Jim is Alexis Bellino’s second husband. She’s divorced from her first husband, whom she met, married and divorced when she was still very young.

Her Ex Accused he of Having an Affair

One thing that Alexis Bellino forgot to mention when she became a real housewife is that not only did she divorce her college sweetheart after the two moved to San Diego and she began hanging out with what he refers to as “Trust Fund Babies” and spending money they didn’t have to fit in, she also had an affair. The couple was married less than a year-and-a-half thanks to her ex finding out she was having an affair with a married man with three kids she met at the gym.

She’s Manipulative

According to Alexis Bellino’s ex-husband, she’s very manipulative and prefers revenge over anything else. When she was mad at him during their marriage, she would do things like take off her shirt and let his friends see her nude so that she could get back at him for whatever reason upset her in the first place.

She’s a Bad Drunk

It appears that her devotion to Jesus must be something that’s a bit newer in her life much as it is to Tamra Judge, to whom Alexis Bellino wrote a hateful letter telling she cannot just turn to Jesus and continue making mistakes in her life. She was a mean drunk and had some anger issues when she was married to her first husband, and he’s very happy to talk about all the things that she did when she was married to him.

She Married for Money

We don’t want to say that this is the truth, but we will say that it’s a long suspected concept that Alexis Bellino marriedPhoto the much older Jim Bellino for his money. Her ex confirms that, though she seems to want to make their marriage look good all the way around. She calls her husband her King and she submits to him, according to her own revelations.

Jim is Mean to Her

Anyone that ever watched Alexis Bellino when she was on the RHOC knows that Jim is not always the nicest man in the world. However, some suspect it is because she is young and she is naïve, and because she might have some issues stemming from immaturity. Her first husband claims she does whatever makes her ‘popular’ so why not now that she’s married to Jim? However, he does not seem to appreciate her behavior and will call her out on it and treat her like a child no matter how many people are watching this happen.

She Loves to Show Off

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. We like that. But Alexis Bellino is a woman who likes to say that it’s not the materialistic things in life that matter, rather it is what is in your heart and it’s your relationship with Jesus that matters. That does not stop her, however, from showing off her body in barely-there clothing in her internet shots or her gorgeous new diamond ring on Instagram. These things might not matter to her so much, but she sure does love them.

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