10 Things Aviva Drescher Doesn’t Want You To Know

Aviva Drescher

If there’s one thing you can say about the reality TV world, it’s that there’s always something going on. During it’s time on the air, The Real Housewives of New York (RHONY) has had some very entertaining cast members. However, none have seemed to have the same impact of Aviva Drescher. Although she only appeared on the show for two seasons, Drescher is definitely one of those people you just can’t forget. While she made a lot of enemies and rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, she doesn’t seem to mind. But for someone who got her 15 minutes of fame from reality TV, Drescher still has her secrets. Here are 10 things Aviva Drescher doesn’t want you to know.

She blames the show for her marital problems

By now, most people know that agreeing to be a part of a reality TV show can be a very serious decision. On the surface, it may seem like a fun and easy way to get money and fame, but underneath it all, it’s proven to be more of a set up. As many viewers have seen, life in the reality TV spotlight can be brutal, and many relationships don’t survive. Since leaving the show, Aviva blames RHONY for her marital problems, and spoke openly about her struggles during her time on Marriage Boot Camp.

Aviva Drescher is money hungry

Let’s face it, anyone who would be willing to act ridiculous in front of millions of TV viewers just to get a paycheck must be a little on the money hungry side. However, while on the show, Aviva Drescher apparently had no problem asking for money. Some even suggest that she married her husband for his money. A source close to Drescher even reported that she was found to be lying during a lie detector test in which she was asked whether or not she married for money.

She’s hard to get along with

Whether or not a person is hard to get a long with is always subjective, but judging by her former cast mates’ reaction to her, Drescher can be a bit of a diva. While on RHONY, she definitely found herself in a lot of dramatic situations, and while they got her a lot of attention, it usually wasn’t positive.

Aviva Drescher is greedy

There’s nothing worse than a person who doesn’t follow throw on his or her word, and according to her former manager, Aviva Drescher is definitely one of those people. Apparently, Drescher’s manager got her a role on Marriage Boot Camp for which she was paid $100,000. According to her ex-manager, Drescher only gave her $2,500, prompting her to sue for the rest.

Many people didn’t enjoy her book

Writing books seems to be the new ‘in’ thing for reality TV stars. in 2014, Drescher released a memoir titled, Leggy Blonde. While there’s no doubt that Drescher had high hopes for the project, many readers just weren’t feeling it. One reader stated, “Barely made it through chapter one. Juvenile writing, felt like I was reading a middle schooler’s essay on “How I spent my Summer.” While another said, “Just another housewife that thinks she can write. Self indulgent and poorly written. Aviva needs to put the pen down!”

Her leg is a weapon

For those who remember Drescher’s final moment on RHONY, it involved her throwing her prosethitic leg across the reunion show stage. Many viewers, as well as other RHONY cast members, were stunned at her behavior and some were even a little threatened that Drescher had used her limb as some sort of weapon. After receiving lots of backlash, Aviva insisted that she was just doing the job she was hired for as part of the show, and that she had been asked to be dramatic. Following the show, Aviva stated, “I think me getting angry and throwing my leg on the table was really funny and crazy. I get a hoot out of it. But of course, I was definitely brought to the end of my rope, or the end of my leg so to speak.” Later, her husband, who also felt that it was ridiculous of her to throw her leg, recreated the scene while on Marriage Boot Camp by throwing the leg at her.  It’s actually kind of funny that Aviva’s TV legacy actually involves a leg.

She can be a little crazy

For someone whose claim to fame is being on a reality tv show, Aviva seems to be a little out of touch with reality. Some of her former cast members have expressed on several occasions that they felt that Aviva was crazy, and while a little insanity is usually a good thing when it comes to TV, she proved to be a little too much.

She was fired from RHONY

Being fired from a job is never a good thing. Although it’s public knowledge that Aviva Drescher was fired from RHONY, it’s still embarrassing for the world to know that you were too over to the top for something that was meant for people who are over the top. Apparently, throwing her leg was a bit too aggressive for producers’ liking, and she was asked to leave.

She didn’t attend her father’s wedding

No matter how old you are, it’s always a little difficult to watch one of your parents remarry. When her father remarried, Aviva Drescher refused to attend the wedding. Her reason for not wanting to attend likely had something to do with the fact that her father’s wife was only 25 at the time of the wedding, while her father was 76. Sure, that’s a tough pill to swallow for anyone, but she still should have been there to support her father on his special day.

 Aviva Drescher may have done drugs

After returning from vacation with some of her former cast mates, Aviva admitted that there was some “sex, drugs, and rock n roll” going on. Although she later followed up on the comment saying that there were no illegal drugs, she clearly didn’t think about what she was saying before she opened her mouth.

(Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for American Media)


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