10 Things Joyce Giraud Doesn’t Want You To Know

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You might not recognize her name so much as her face, and that’s all right. Joyce Giraud is a model, a beauty pageant queen, and most recently one of the ladies cast to be a member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for only 25 episodes. Her reality television career might not have lasted too long, but she was certainly around long enough to make a lasting impression with many people, who might have recognized her face from the things she’s done in the past even if they did not recognize her name.

She’s made it well-known that she is a former beauty queen and that she loves pageants. She believes in the way that pageants works and what they promote and she does not like to hear them called ‘beauty’ pageants as she believes that they are about so much more than that – even though we’ve never seen anyone less than beautiful in a pageant. Now that she’s no longer a real housewife, however, she is looking to further her television career by pursuing other avenues. And there are just a few things about her that she might not want you to know.

She was Voted Queen of the MILFS

In 2013, the gossip site MILFTV decided to vote her the Queen of the MILFs. While it might sound like a nice thing to win an award and be voted the queen of anything, this is not the kind of award that she is necessarily proud of. For one, if you don’t know what MILF stands for, go look it up right now. It’s not something that she’s going to add to her resume, we are certain. She’s a bit too prim and proper for a title like this one, and we bet she didn’t call home when she was given the honorable distinction.

Her Photo Scandal

There was a scandal back in the late 90s in which Giraud posed for some photos that were considered a bit risqué and it was almost something that cost her a pageant that was very important to her. The scandal almost did not allow her to participate in the Miss Universe pageant, but she was cleared by Donald Trump and allowed to compete. She did not win, but she did finish as second runner up when she competed.

She was Discovered as a Drive-Thru Worker at KFC

She was working part-time as a teen at a local KFC in Puerto Rico when she was discovered as a model. She began working as a model because she helped her family pay for things like tuition and other expenses.

She uses her Husband’s Last Name for many Things

It seems that she prefers to keep her own name when she is in the pageant universe and reality television, but her more ‘serious’ careers allow her to keep her married name. She also uses her married name in her legal documents, which suggests that she did take her husband’s name when they were married.

Her Home was Broken into this Year

It’s not something that someone wants the public to know. When your home is violated, it leaves you feeling very vulnerable and scared. However, news of the break-in was made public, and she even got to watch it unfold while she was on vacation. Her smart phone app allowed her to access home security cameras and watch as the burglary took place and the LAPD were able to access her home and arrest the suspect.

She had a Terrible Season on Reality Television

Anyone that watched the season of RHOBC in which Giraud was a star knows that she had a terrible time that season. She was continuously bullied by Brandi Glanville for no other reason than the other star seemed not to like her ways. She was not a fan of being in that kind of situation and she did not want to continue to be in that situation any longer, and she was not back for another season.

She was Fired

She says she chose to leave the show, but it seems that the people from the RHOBH have a different story. They state that Giraud was fired because she did not bring enough interest to the show. What that means in reality television lingo is that she was not dramatic enough, and that’s why stars such as Brandi Glanville were kept around and she was let go after only one season. Apparently being the punching bag was not a good enough story line for her.

She’s not a fan of Brandi Glanville

When it was announced earlier this summer that Brandi Glanville would not return to the RHOBH next season, Giraud was not surprised. She called it karma and she said that sometimes you just have to sit back and wait for that to make its debut. She was not a fan of how she was treated by the star on her own season and she was only waiting for the other ball to drop.

She was Scared to be a Housewife

Giraud was initially not looking forward to joining the ranks of the RHOBC when she was first cast. She felt that editing has a wonderful way of making people look exactly as the show’s producers want them to look, and she did not want to look like that kind of person. She was reportedly very nervous at the prospect of being dubbed a mean girl or along the likes of some of the current cast members of the show who have reputations that aren’t so overwhelmingly popular.

Net Worth

It’s said that Joyce Giraud, though she is not as willing to flaunt her wealth as some of the other cast members on the show, has a net worth of approximately $10 million. That’s impressive, but it’s also said that her husband earns a lot of money with his job and that she brings in a lot with her various businesses and her own work, so it only makes sense that she would have a net worth so high.

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