10 Things You Never Say to a Child of Kanye West

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Kanye West is one of the hottest rappers/producers in the hip-hop game.  Over the last several years, he’s really risen to the top, and there’s no doubt that when it’s time to put a great project together – he always delivers.  However, aside from being incredibly talented, Kanye also has a reputation for thinking very highly of himself and his loved ones.  While there’s nothing wrong with having a little confidence, Kanye has definitely been known to take things a little overboard.  Now a father of one with another one the way, there’s no doubt that Mr. West will be raising his children to believe that their royalty.  Only time will tell how they turn out, but for now; here are 10 things you never say to a child of Kanye West.

Ray J

Well, if you’re been keeping up with Kim Kardashian’s ‘career,’ you’ll know that her film debut came from a sex tape that she shot with her then boyfriend, Ray-J. Although Kim has definitely come a long way since the days when she was simply just Ray J’s girlfriend, things on the Internet never die.  One day Kim is going to have to explain to her children (who are also Kanye’s children) that she was once involved in some pretty risqué behavior.  But the last thing Kanye probably wants is for his children to come up to him asking, “daddy, who’s Ray J?!”

Amber Rose

Since exes are never a good subject, Amber Rose is probably not something you want to say to Kanye’s children either. Before there was a Kim K, there was an Amber R (doesn’t quite have the same ring to it) and Kanye was definitely crazy about Amber.  In fact, his song, “The Blame Game,” is all about his break up with Rose and struggling to deal with those feelings.  Well, song or not – Kanye probably doesn’t want anybody bringing Amber Rose up to his kids.

What kind of name is that?

When Kim and Kanye announced that they would be naming their child North, lots of people would have been scratching their heads, except for the fact that well, it was Kim and Kanye.  With another child on the way, there’s a good chance this one may have an atypical name and while you might be wondering what on earth Kimye was thinking, you probably don’t ever want to ask their kids what’s up with their names.

You can’t afford that!

Kanye is all about enjoying the finer things in life, and he has stated several times that he wants to make sure that his children are well taken care of for as long as their alive.  If his kids end up being anything like him, they’ll definitely probably love to spend money – and one thing that they’ll never want to hear is that they can’t afford something.

Kanye can’t rap

Insulting Kanye’s skills as an artist is something you don’t want to do.  However, once Kanye’s kids reach school age, they’re going to have to deal with people who don’t like his work. But saying Kanye can’t rap? Yeah, that’s something that you don’t want to do.

Blue Ivy is better

When Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy was born three years ago, she instantly became hip-hop royalty.  However, when North West was born a year later, she also quickly became one of the most popular celebrity children. Although both children are too young to understand it now, much of the world already has them in competition.  Kanye and Jay-Z may be good friends, but there’s a very good chance Kanye won’t appreciate anyone telling his children that Blue Ivy is better.

What does your mom do for work?

One of the struggles (there actually might be just one) with having famous parents is that their lives are open books. During childhood – or at any point in life – it’s not uncommon for people to ask others what their parents do for work.  However, asking one of Kanye’s children what their mother does for work could lead to a very interesting discussion because well, what does Kim Kardashian do for work?!

Beyoncé actually didn’t have one of the best videos of all-time

One day, Kanye’s children will undoubtedly hear about the rant heard ’round the world.  Everyone remembers when Kanye snatched the mic from Taylor Swift to interrupt her acceptance speech. Telling Kanye’s children that Beyoncé actually didn’t have one of the best videos of all-time will probably feel like a bit of a jab at their father, and everybody knows that nobody takes shots at Kanye!

Is your dad always like this?!

No matter how cool or famous a person is, their children will always find ways to be embarrassed by them. Kanye’s over-the-top behavior will probably definitely have his kids feeling a little embarrassed from time to time. But being embarrassed by your parents is one thing – having someone else insinuate that your parents are embarrassing is another.

Why does your dad dress like that?!

Kanye West is a very stylish guy, and he takes great pride in his fashion sense.  He’s never been afraid to take risks, and when he first earned mainstream success he received a lot of comments about his choice of clothing. Over the years, Kanye’s still has definitely changed with him, and as he gets more extreme so does his clothing.  By the time his children are old enough to have meaningful friendships, who knows what Kanye will be wearing.  Although you probably shouldn’t ask Kanye’s kids if their dad always dresses like that, it’s probably going to be something that they hear.

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