10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rory Feek

Rory Feek and Joey Feek

At only 50-years-old, Rory Feek has already led a very long life. The country music star has been a normal person, a famous person, a singer, a father and a husband. Now he is a man who is simply living everyone’s worst nightmare; his beloved wife is dying of cancer and they share a baby girl who will never get to grow up knowing her mother. He will never share with her the joys of seeing her to school for the first time, or the joys of dancing with his wife at their daughter’s wedding one day. His life, right now, is a jumbled mess of emotion, and he is living everyday as if it is wife’s last; because any day could be her last.

This is a man who has lived so much in his short life that it seems impossible he is still so young. He’s been a Marine, a father three times, and he’s married to the love of his life. He’s been a single father once, and he will soon be one again. Rory Feek keeps the world updated on his wife’s progress as she lives her final days at home with him and their daughter, and soon he will face the type of devastation that no one in the world can even imagine – or want to imagine. What is the man like in real life? Who is he? We know him so much as the father of a little girl about to lose a mother. We know him as the husband of a terminally ill woman, but we don’t actually know much about him.

He’s a songwriter

Rory Feek is not just a singer. He’s also a songwriter. He has written hit songs for some of the most famous people in the music business. His songs have been performed by stars such as Blake Shelton and Clay Walker. He’s had a very successful career in the song writing business, and we can only hope he will be able to continue to write as the years go on.

He’s a reality star  

Before Joey + Rory became famous, they were just a couple that performed a duet on the show Can You Duet on CMT. They came in third place on the very first season of the show, showing the world what a talented duo they really were.

He’s got three kids

Before he was with Joey Feek, he was in a relationship with another woman. He had two kids with her, both daughters. They are Hope and Heidi. He seems them regularly and loves them all with all his heart. They are both very excited that they have a baby sister.

Their youngest daughter has Downs Syndrome

When Joey and Rory Feek welcomed their little girl, Indiana, in 2104 it was with Downs Syndrome. Now that his wife is close to her final day, Rory will become solely responsible for taking care of their small daughter all on his own.

He’s a guitar player

When Rory Feek was only 15, he decided he wanted to learn to play the guitar. He was quite good at it, a natural even. He picked it up right away and only solidified his desire to want to become a country music superstar. While he might not be as famous as some of the men and women who do sing his songs, he is pretty famous in the country music industry.

He’s doing whatever he can to make his wife comfortable

She’s bedridden and living with round the clock hospice care at the moment, but Joey Feek wants her life to be as normal as possible right now. Her husband will do whatever she wants him to do, so he has wheeled the kitchen to her in the bedroom so that she can cook. He will do whatever it takes to make her feel happy, loved and at home during her final days.

He blogs

Not many men are willing to admit that they enjoy writing, except writers. Rory Feek has no problem with that, however. He has a blog of his own in which he writes about things like life, food, cooking, their family and so much more. He has shared with the world his journey as his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and that she would not live much longer. He has been nothing if not completely open with the world about everything in their lives, and it’s been a huge relief for him to have an outlet.

His wife is the love of his life

They married in 2002, and neither ever expected that anything like this would happen to them. They never thought in a million years that they’d welcome a child so late in life only to find out less than a year after she was born with health concerns of her own that his wife, his daughter’s mother, would die from terminal cancer. It has been a rough two years for this family, and it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

He’s a military man

He served 8 years as a United States Marine, and he was overseas for much of that. He always played music when he was there, and it’s been something he’s loved for his entire life. He served his country, did his due diligence and now he is living here trying to enjoy the freedoms that he and his brothers fought for throughout their adult lives.

He and his wife married after only months

When they first met, they fell in love right away. He says that there was something so special about Joey Feek that he could not explain. She calls him her best friend. Even after being married for more than a decade, they are the best of friends and they have the most fun together. They have said over and over again that they knew the moment they met that they would get married, and they’ve gone on to prove that they have a love that endures.

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