20 of Our Favorite Celebrities From Nevada

Matthew Gray Gubler

You won’t have any trouble finding celebrities in Nevada, because Las Vegas provides a host of venues for entertainers to set up residency. Have you ever wondered how many celebrities are actually from Nevada? We were curious so we looked into it and discovered that Nevada is the birthplace for man celebrity personalities. Here are twenty of our favorite celebrities with their roots in the state.

20. Dawn Wells

Only In Your State reveals that Dawn Wells, the actress best known for her role as Mary Ann Summers in the long-running television comedy “Gilligan’s Island.” Ms. Wells was born in Reno, Nevada, in 1959. She was a beauty pageant contestant who won the Miss Nevada title and went on to compete in the Miss America pageant. Although Dawn passed away, she will always be remembered and live on in the reruns of the popular show.

19. Jenna Malone

Jenna Malone is an American actress best known for her roles in “The Hunger Games,” franchise, as well as parts in “Donnie Darko,” and “Stepmom.” Malone is a native of Sparks, Nevada, spending her youth in Las Vegas. She also launched a successful career in music as a songwriter, musician, and Broadway performer. She is also a professional photographer.

18. Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she attended public schools. She went on to secure a role in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” as Cordelia Chase. She also appeared in the television series, “Charmed,” and “Veronica Mars.” Carpenter also appeared in the Buffy spinoff “Angel.”

17. Matthew Gray Gubler

Matthew Gray Gubler was relatively unknown until appearing as Dr. Spencer Reid in the popular television series “Criminal Minds.” He is a native of Nevada who attended the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts in preparation for his career. In addition to being a successful and well-known actor, he is also a painter, model, and author of a children’s book. Matthew has also tried his hand at directing films.

16. Kurt Busch

Kurt Busch and his brother Kyle are celebrities in the NASCAR circuit. he is a professional driver who established himself in the sport with numerous wins. He and his brother Kyle are also natives of the state of Nevada.

15. Abby Dalton

Abby Dalton is the stage name for a popular actress of yesteryear. She was born Gladys Wasden in Las Vegas, Nevada, and went on to enjoy a successful career as an actress. She is best known for her appearances on “Falcon Crest,” “The Joey Bishop Show,” and “Hennessey.”

14. Andre Agassi

The Famous People reveals that world-famous tennis player Andre Agassi is also a native of Nevada. He was born in Las Vegas in April of 1970 and went on to become one of the most famous tennis players in the world. He was previously married to Stefanie Graf in 2001, and actress Brooke Shields for a brief time near the end of the 1990s. Andre is keeping himself busy as the founder of the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation, and the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy Public Charter School.

13. Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson is a famous model and adult film actress. She was born in April of 1974 in Nevada. She had a rocky start in her early years, working as a strip dancer at the age of 16, and doing some modeling. She started her career in the adult film industry and also wrote an autobiography about her life. The book became a New York Times Best Seller. She is now retired from the adult film industry.

12. Dan Reynolds

Dan Coulter Reynolds is a musician, singer, songwriter, and music producer. he founded the rock group Imagine Dragons. Dan was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. he had a typical childhood, joining the Eagle Scouts, and writing music while still in his early teens. He completed his Mormon Mission then went on to attend Brigham Young University before launching Imagine Dragons. The group is best known for its hit single “Radioactive.”

11. Sonny Bono

Sonny Bona was the other half of the dynamic duo “Sonny and Cher.” The couple enjoyed several successful years as a husband and wife musical team who also made us laugh with their comedy show. Sonny was a popular singer, producer, and entertainer, who went on to enter the political arena. He was also involved in the restaurant business. Sonny was a beloved entertainer and politician, born and raised in Nevada, who passed away in his home state after hitting a tree in a skiing accident. He achieved the rank of Congressman during his lifetime.

10. Madchen Amick

Madchen Amick is an American actress, born in the state of Nevada. She became famous during the 1990s for her appearances on the hit television series “Twin Peaks.” She appeared as Shelly Johnson in the show, then returned for other installments of the series. She relocated to Los Angeles, California with the full support of her parents, to fulfill her dreams to become a professional actress. She also landed the role of Carrie Fairchild in “Central Park West,” a hit soap opera. She went on to appear in numerous roles throughout her successful career, earning the nomination for a Saturn Award for Best Actress for her part in the film “Dream Lover.” You might also remember her from roles in “Love, Cheat & Steal,” “Fantasy Island,” and “Sleepwalkers.” Madchen Amick joins the list of celebrities who were homegrown in the state of Nevada.

9. Tana Mongeau

Our list of celebrities born in the state of Nevada continues with Tana Mongeau. She became famous as a YouTuber with her hilarious rants and storytime videos about her social life. Tana Mongeau was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has collaborated with other famous YouTubers including Shane Dawson and Gabbie Hanna. Not everyone was in love with Tana’s videos, and she endured endless streams of criticisms, but despite those who didn’t appreciate her content, Tana overcame the obstacles and went on to become one of the most famous YouTubers on social media with her laid-back vlogging style.

8. Joanna Newsom

Joanna Newsom is an American entertainer we know and love, for her folk albums “Have One on Me,” and “Divers.” She is a singer, songwriter, actress, and she plays several musical instruments. Jenna Newsom is one of the most talented entertainers in the music industry today. Newsom was born in Nevada, to an affluent family. her father is a doctor, and she was raised under strict rules. She had never seen a film or watched television until she entered her teen years. Her parents encouraged her to spend her time playing music, which was a passion of theirs. She learned to play at an early age. She gained success in her musical career but also branched out into acting. She has appeared as a voice actor in the anime film “The Sky Crawlers.” She continued with more roles as a voice actor in the genre. ’

7. Arianny Celeste

Ranker confirms that American ring girls and model Arianny Celeste is a Nevada native. She was born in Las Vegas in 1985. Her birth name was Penelope Lopez Marquez, but she adopted the stage name, Arianny Celeste. Almost all UFC fans can easily recognize Arianny Celeste from her days with UFC. The job also opened up other opportunities for her. She went on to co-host the television series “Overhaulin’.” Celeste has also modeled for Playboy magazine.

6. John Huston

John Huston was a famous American film director, who was also born in the state of Nevada. He was born on August 5, 1906, as John Marcellus Huston. Although Huston was born an American citizen, he opted to become a citizen of Ireland, renouncing his American citizenship. He was one of the most highly esteemed celebrity personalities during his lifetime. He was also a screenwriter and actor. You may be familiar with some of his more famous works including “The Maltese Falcon,” and “Treasure of the Sierra Madre,” from the 1940s era. He is accredited for writing thirty-seven feature films, many of which he also directed, that went on to become classics in the film industry. John Huston passed away on August 28, 1987.

5. Daveigh Chase

Daveigh Chase is an American actress who is best known for her role as Samantha Darko in the film “Donnie Darko.” She was also born in Nevada in 1990. Daveigh also became a voice actress, lending her voice to the film “Spirited Away.” She was also the voice of Lio in the Disney film “Lilo & Stitch.” Chase also enjoyed a measure of success as a singer and a model. She played in many minor television parts before achieving recognition and success.

4. Janu Tornell

Janu Tornell became famous after competing in the Miss Nevada USA pageant. She is well known in beauty pageant circuits and made a habit of placing in the Miss USA Pageant. Janu didn’t go on to become an actress or singer, but she is remembered for her success in Miss Teen USA and other Miss American Pageants.

3. Pat McCarran

Pat McCarran was born in 1876 in Reno, Nevada. We’re digging back in the archives to spotlight this bright celebrity politician from Nevada’s recent history. Mr. McCarran attended Nevada State University, then went on to run a ranch and a fam. he was elected to the Nevada Assembly in 1902. He passed his bar exam in 1905, and the following year he was elected as the district attorney for Nye County. Mr. McCarran remains an important political figure in the history of Nevada, and he was homegrown.

2. Stephanie Romanov

Stephanie Romanov is an American actress and model who was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 24, 1969. Ms. Romanov is best known for her role as Lilah Morgan on the television series “Angel.” She is a multi-talented entertainer who got her start as a European model. She became famous for her layouts in French and Italian Bazaar. After achieving success as a model, she relocated to New York, appearing in French Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Elle. The acting bug bit her in 1993, and Stephanie decided to end her modeling career and try something new. Her debut role was on the television show “Models, Inc.” as Teri Spencer. She appeared in several other television series in minor roles including “Burke’s Law,” “Just Shoot me!” “The Sentinel,” and “Homicide: Life on the Street.” Romanov spent four seasons in the role of Lilah Morgan on “Angel.” She went on to appear in “Menno’s Mind,” “Spy Hard,” “The Final Cut,” and “Thirteen Days.” Stephanie Romanov is one of our favorite celebrities from the state of Nevada.

1. Rutina Wesley

Rutina Wesley is an American actress. She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on December 21, 1978. She earned recognition for her acting talent after appearing in “True Blood” as Tara Thornton. She is also recognized for her role as Nova Bordelon in the television series “Queen Sugar.” Rutina is credited with attending the world-famous Julliard School. She is the daughter of a professional tap dancer, Ivery Wheeler, and showgirl Cassandra Wesley. Rutina was born into a family of entertainers. She was privileged to attend high school at the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing, and Visual Arts. She was trained at Simba Studios, studying dance. Rutina also enrolled at the University of Evansville. Rutina is a highly educated professional with her BFA. She also took classes at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Final thoughts

Nevada is a state that is known for its great outdoors, but even more, for its exciting lineup of entertainment venues and gambling halls. The massive casinos and clubs sponsor shows that attract huge crowds to see their favorite celebrities. Some of the greatest entertainers and statesmen in history were born and raised in the various cities of Nevada.

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