10 Things You Didn’t Know about Siggy Flicker

siggy flicker

We haven only known Siggy Flicker for a few weeks now, but we adore her. She’s open, she’s loud, she’s honest, she is hilarious and her parents might be the cutest people ever to walk the earth. If there is one thing I’ve learned about Siggy Flicker since this season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey premiered, it is that her family and her friends are more important to her than anything else. I didn’t know anything about her until the show began and she made her first appearance but the more I get to know her, the more I already like her. She’s impassioned, she’s brazen, and she’s not afraid to ask the honest questions. The only difference between her and some of the other wives asking the same questions is that she doesn’t ask because she wants the juicy gossip; she asks because she wants to know her friends better.

Siggy Flicker is pretty amazing, and we thought that you should all get to know her a bit better. She’s kind of everything that a Jersey woman might want to be, and we love it.

She’s not new to television

Part of the deal with her career is that Siggy Flicker make regular appearances on television. She might be a housewife now, but she’s not new to television. She already knows how it works, and she’s had more appearances than you might imagine. She makes regular appearances on TODAY, Good Morning American, Dr. Phil, Wendy Williams, and more.

Siggy is not her name

This might not seem like much of a shocker to you since Siggy isn’t actually a very common name, but it is just her nickname. Her actual name is Sigalet, and we kind of love it. We know her father is Jewish and her mother is of Middle Eastern descent, and we don’t know where her name comes from. What we do know is that we adore it.

She’s divorced

Siggy Flicker might be a relationship expert, but she’s not always been in successful ones. She was married to her first husband in 1997 and she divorced him in 2007. He was Mark Flicker, and he is the father of their two children.

She’s an open book

We loved that her very first appearance on the RHONJ showed her walking into lunch with her ladies with bandages all over her face fresh off a plastic surgery. So many women are too afraid to admit that they use a little help from a good doctor to look good, and we don’t get why they can’t be open and honest. You look good, so give credit where it’s due. Thanks, Siggy Flicker, for being open and honest about how you manage to look so good all the time.

She’s a good ex-wife

What we do admire about Siggy Flicker, however, is that she did her divorce the right way. She’s been very open about the fact that they did not do the bitter, hateful, angry thing. Instead, they did the mature and responsible thing. They discussed their wants and needs, they put their kids first and they worked it out on their own without any ugliness. They didn’t want their kids to suffer.

Her ex-husband was her new husband’s best man

When you get married, the people most important to you stand up for you on your big day. That’s why it’s so much fun to learn than when Siggy Flicker married her second and current husband, Michael Campanelia, he asked her first husband to be his best man. In fact, they’re quite good friends and we love to hear that.

She threw her ex’s fiance’s new baby shower

We love a woman who is open to being friendly with everyone. If a woman can be good enough friends with her ex’s lady love to the point that she can throw her a killer baby shower, it speaks volumes about her. Of course, that baby will be her kids’ baby sibling, so she probably feels it is important to set the tone for a good relationship with everyone in this manner.

She loves her husband for odd reasons

Siggy Flicker said that when she met her current husband, she was not sure what was happening. He was not her type; he was bald on top, he sold used Chevys and he’d already lost his fortune. However, he was open with her about it, he owned it and he made it a point to be honest with her from the start about his shortcomings, his failures, and how he planned to overcome those things. She was immediately attracted to his honesty, and the rest is history.

She’s a college grad

If there is one thing I’ve not heard many of the housewives talk about, it’s their college education. We know that many of them have one, but we have really only ever heard Melissa Gorga talk about hers. We know she went to college, became a teacher and then stayed home to be a wife and mom thanks to her husband’s desires. Siggy Flicker went to Monmouth University and spent her college years in Long Beach while she worked on her education.

She’s not afraid of hard work

We heard her mention in her camera interview this week that she wants her friend Dolores to make it on her own and never have to rely on any man to help her get through life, because she loves her and she knows that she is a strong woman. What makes that statement even more amazing is the fact that Siggy has actually done that for herself. She’s never relied on a man to care for her. Instead, she has always worked. Even when she was a student in college, she got a job waiting tables at a TGI Fridays. She had to make some money, and she wasn’t ashamed to get a job and make it happen for herself. I bet she looks back on that memory with appreciation.

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