15 Things you Didn’t Know about Rose Leslie

Rose Leslie

The name Rose Leslie should definitely ring a bell if you’re a fan of HBO’s wildly successful show Game of Thrones. She plays Ygritte, a woman of the Free Folk, and is also the love interest of Jon Snow in the series. If you thought she rocked her character onscreen, she’s also pretty interesting in real life and is involved in other media projects. Here are some facts you probably didn’t know about the lovely Rose Leslie…

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Rose Leslie Downton Abbey

She was in Downton Abbey

Rose Leslie starred in another extremely popular show before Game of Thrones. She played maid turned secretary Gwen Dawson in Downton Abbey. Interestingly, characters still reference her in recent episodes so it’s not impossible for her to return for an episode or two.

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Rose Leslie and Kit Harington

Rose Leslie and Kit Harington dated

The real life counterparts of Ygritte and Jon Snow were actually an item for quite some time. Sadly, they are no longer together but at least they are still good friends.  So that makes it all the better doesn’t it?

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Lickleyhead Castle

She grew up in a castle!

Rose Leslie’s characters on Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones aren’t exactly cut for royalty.You might be surprised to know that she actually grew up in Lickleyhead Castle in Scotland. Her family has been living there for 500 years. However, news outlets report that the castle is actually out on the market.

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Rose Leslie

She has a fancy real name

Rose Eleanor Arbuthnot-Leslie was born on February 9, 1987 in Aberdeen, Scotland.  It’s not often you see four names in an entire name.  That’s a lot of names.  Then again, Rose elicits many emotions on the show so it’s appropriate.

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Tom Hiddleston

She shares something with Tom Hiddleston

Rose Leslie and Tom Hiddleston were both born on February 9th. Perhaps they could throw joint birthday parties?  Or maybe that could just act in stuff together more?  Would be cool to see these two pair up for a blockbuster.

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Rose Leslie

She was in an episode of Locked Up Abroad.

In 2008, Rose Leslie starred in the National Geographic show that feature stories of people who have been arrested while traveling abroad.  We’ve love to get an interview with Rose where she tells us about the weirdest stuff she saw while doing that show.

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Rose Leslie and Emilia Clarke

She’s close pals with Emilia Clarke

Rose Leslie and Emilia Clarke have been photographed hanging out together numerous times. It sure look like it’s fun to be friends with the Khaleesi.  We wonder what kind of special treatment goes on!

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Rose Leslie

She’ll happily sign your forehead

In an interview, she revealed that the highlight of her convention experience was signing a fan’s forehead. You don’t ever need to worry about paper for her autograph!  Oddly enough that’s just one of the weird things that Rose has been asked to do.  There are plenty more!

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Rose Leslie

She loves rock climbing

After filming the wall-scaling scene for Game of Thrones, she discovered rock climbing as her new hobby.  So not only does Rose play a tough character on television but it’s obvious she’s not to be trifled with in real life as well.

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Rose Leslie

Her favorite dish is…

Duck! In fact, she is a fan of meat in general. She also tried eating whale and loved it. Don’t make her eat cucumber though.  She hates it!  Here’s another fact about Rose that just mimics her character type doesn’t it?  Meat eater.  Tough.

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Rose Leslie

She has a BAFTA under her belt

Rose Leslie scored a Scottish BAFTA for Best Acting Performance- New Talent  from her first starring role in the film New Town.  We feel it’s just a matter of time before she starts landing some of the more coveted American awards.

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She’s a gifted archer

The actress never held a bow and arrow before Game of Thrones, but she managed to hit the target and subsequently split an arrow during her first session. That’s what you call natural talent.  See this whole theme of tough character, tough in real life?

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Rose Leslie

She doesn’t have a Scottish accent

This star may be Scottish by birth, but she claims that she lost her accent after spending years growing up in Somerset.  And she’s not lying.  You’d never know unless we specifically told you she was Scottish.  Yet another foreign actor doing a great job with an American accent.

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Rose Leslie

People mispronounce Ygritte’s name a lot

It turns out that even fans forget that her character’s name is pronounced “EYE-grit.”  We guess that’s not a lovely word to pronounce which is why most people go with EE-grit.  Still though, it’s EYE for those reading.

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