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Amber Heard

Amber Heard is an American actress and model with an estimated net worth of $14 million. She was born on April 22, 1986 in Austin, Texas. Her mother, Patrician, is an internet research specialist. Her father, David, is a contractor. Raised in Texas, she’s a southern girl to the roots. She has one sister, and she dropped out of high school to pursue the rest of her degree through a program that allowed her to study from home. She has decided that she is an atheist after her best friend was killed in a car accident when she was only 16. She decided at that point in her life that God must not exist if he would allow for something like that to happen to her best friend, and she has not yet changed her mind about that feeling.

She decided to move to Los Angeles after she finished school so that she could pursue her acting career. She was a music video star for people such as Kenny Chesney, and she was finally given some modeling jobs as well as some roles in pilots that did not make it onto the air. She did some guest work appearing in several hit shows as very minor characters, and it seemed that she was making a name for herself in the world even if she was not able to make her name one that everyone recognized right away. Her big break came in 2004 when she was cast in “Friday Night Lights,” the movie edition, and she became a little bit more well-known. Most all of her work so far has been supporting, and she’s never been nominated for any major awards for her work.

It seems that what people are most interested in as far as Amber Heard is concerned is her personal life. In 2010 she came out as a woman who likes both men and women when she was at a GLAAD event for its 25th anniversary. At the time, she’d broken up with a man and was dating a woman. Less than two years later, however, she began dating Johnny Depp and the two were married in 2015. The two were married for just over a year when she filed for divorce in 2016. Now her personal life is being rung through the media even more than before, as she was already accused of breaking up Depp’s relationship with his long-time lady love and the mother of his children, Vanessa Paradis when they first went public with their relationship.

Now the marriage is making headlines because it appears that Depp did not ask Amber Heard to sign any prenuptial agreements. With a net worth that it estimated somewhere around $400 million, it appears that he might be required to give up half that to his future ex-wife. Amber Heard’s net worth of $14 million might take a dramatic turn for the better depending on how the proceedings of the divorce go, and what she asks for when she goes to court.

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