Ben Affleck and David Fincher’s New Movie, Gone Girl, Gets A Trailer

Ben Affleck is in pretty serious forward momentum. His last film nabbed him some serious cred (and some serious awards) and he is also being eyes suspiciously because people are scared to see him play Batman. So all eyes are on his next movie, Gone Girl, directed by the brilliant David Fincher. It looks like a typically dark drama from the director (know for Fight Club and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remake) and maybe this will be the performance we need to see Ben in to know he can don the bat cowl.

Gone Girl centers around the story of man played by Affleck whose wife vanishes without a trace on their anniversary, and he does everything he can to find out where she is, what happened, and who is responsible. It looks to be bleak and quite dark (even literally, as every frame seemed steeped in shadow), but you need to remember, this is what David Fincher does best. He has an eye for the darker side of life, and seems to capture it better than anyone can right now. If you want to peep the trailer, head on over to NY Daily News and check it out.

Just be aware before you watch it, this is no happy-go-lucky film. This is some unsettling stuff. Oddly enough, Ben Affleck seems right at home in it.

(Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images)

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