Connie Britton Dishes on Nashville and Promises More Intrigue

The show Nashville has become a big hit here in the U.S. and one of the reasons for the show’s success has been Connie Britton. The synergy between her and Hayden Panettiere has been undeniable. Britton has that “it” factor that few women in their 40s have these days. Men love her. Women are impressed by how amazing she looks at her age, not to mention her success in Hollywood and the fact that it came later than most women in life.

Recently Britton sat down with People magazine to dish about Nashville. One thing she’s promising viewers is a lot more intrigue on the show. Another thing Connie talks about is how she is really considering Nashville to be a new home.

It’s amazing that Connie is the same actress that appeared in the indy film “Brother’s McMullen” which was the movie responsible for the rise in the career of Ed Burns. She’s definitely come a long way. Enjoy the interview!

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