Early Reviews For Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper’s New Movie ‘American Hustle’ Are Positive

Christian Bale has had a series of performances that involved very complex characters that, to put simply, are disturbed on various levels. The guy has played a drug addict, a secret vigilante with dark emotional issues, and a serial killer. In his latest movie ‘American Hustle’ he’s not symptom free, but Bale’s portrayal of Irving Rosenfeld is on point as ever. He portrays a confident manipulator and his comb-over is stellar.

Early reviews for the move ‘American Hustle’ have come back very positive. Critics are hailing the ensemble cast that includes Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, and Jennifer Lawrence. The movie depicts the Abscam scandal which was a highly-controversial sting operation run by the FBI in the late 70’s that resulted in seven members of Congress being convicted of accepting bribes in exchange for favorable business laws. Thus far David O. Russell’s loose interpretation of the scandal has come back with strong reviews from most critics.

As for Cooper, some critics have declared they’ve never seen him in a better performance. The same sentiment has been echoed for Amy Adams. Bale hasn’t been given the same accolades, but overall the cast was received very well. It’ll be interesting to see the film mainly because the cast is intriguing. Are you going?

Image via Christopher Polk/Getty Images for BFCA

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