Five Things We Can Expect on the Netflix Full House Reboot

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Recently, John Stamos made an announcement that left a lot of people smiling from ear to ear.  Full House will be returning to TV! Although rumors about a possible return have been floating around for years, it’s finally official thanks to the hard work of the original cast and crew. According to Stamos, a spin-off series has just been approved to be streamed directly to Netflix.  Although the show has been off the air for 20 years, fans have remained supportive and hoped for the day the Tanner family would return to TV.  Although there’s no official release date for the new series, Fuller House, just knowing that it’s coming is enough to put many people at ease.  Here are five things we can expect on the Netflix Full House reboot.

1. No more Michelle.

As of now, neither Mary Kate or Ashley Olson have not agreed to return for the spin-off series.  Although producers are trying to work out an arrangement for the girls to make occasional guest appearances, the twins don’t seem to want to be involved.

2. The roles have been reversed.

In the original series, Danny Tanner is raising his three daughters after the death of his wife.  In the reboot, DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) will be returning to the house with three sons and one on the way after the death of her husband.

3. The original house.

The house used in the original Full House series has become iconic.  Each year, fans of the show flock to the house to take pictures.  Fortunately, the original house will still be used in the new version which should be a nice walk down memory lane for both fans and cast members.

4.  Kimmy Gibbler!!

Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) may not technically be part of the Tanner family, but she was certainly one of the best and funniest supporting characters.  She’s officially signed on to return for the spin-off, and it will be interesting to see what her role is now that everyone is all-grown up.

5. Lots of laughs.

There’s often a stigma attached to spin-offs, and a fear that they will ruin the legacy of the original.  However, the cast of Full House seems to be extremely dedicated to making sure that doesn’t happen. Even without all of the original cast members, there’s a pretty good chance that Fuller House will still be full of laughs.

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