Getting to Know the Cast of Couples Therapy

janice dickinson

Celebrities are not, shockingly, perfect and they sometimes need couples therapy. Their marriages are not always roses and happy smiles, and they are sometimes more like the rest of the world than they care to admit or that the rest of the world cares to believe. Dr. Jenn Mann, a licensed therapist in the marriage, family and child categories, knows this all too well. When VH1 approached her several years about being part of a reality show that the network was working on, she felt that it might be a good idea. “Couples Therapy,” is a reality television show that chronicles the marriages and therapy sessions of celebrities that feel marriage counseling will help their lives.

Or, perhaps it’s what D-list actors and reality stars feel helps their careers when their names are in the press yet again for finding yet another way to be on television. I don’t know, but sometimes that’s how it seems. You see, celebrity marriages are not always what they seem. Many people choose to go to couples therapy not because their marriages are necessarily in trouble, but because they feel that they will benefit from this. Other couples find that their marriages are already in trouble and want to find a way to save it before it’s just too late.

The most recent season of the series recently began airing, and longtime fans of the show want to get to know just a little bit more about the couples that are on the show, how their work, what their dynamic is and whether or not they’ll be able to save their marriages. We don’t know about that last one, but we can certainly help introduce you to the new cast of the sixth season of “Couples Therapy,” and all the drama that these couples will very likely bring to the show.

Big Ang and Neil Murphy

Big Ang is actually Angela Raiola from the hit reality series Mob Wives. Her marriage to Neil Murphy is an interesting one. She is the owner of the “Drunken Monkey,” a bar in Staten Island, and she’s a woman with major ties to the mafia and the mob. She and Neil have been married for many years, but she spends much of her time alone and with her kids. She and her husband were estranged for the third time before she allowed him to move back in with her after she had a heart attack and decided to make a total lifestyle change for the better. Since they are unable to get along too well in real life, she thought perhaps this show would be good for them to see if they will remain estranged or if they will work on their marriage so that they can live together in harmony.

Joe Budden and Kaylin Garcia

He is a rapper and she is his girlfriend, and they have some serious relationship issues. He’s part of the cast of Love and Hip Hop, another reality series. When these two met, their relationship went crazy. The fell head over heels in love with one another and they thought they’d found their happily ever after. Until, of course, he began filming his reality show alongside his ex. He decided he was still in love with her and broke up with Kaylin to propose to his ex on national television. She said no, these two got back together, and now they have some decidedly serious trust issues with one another. She can’t decide if she trusts him after he left her by herself to propose to an ex on national television, and he’s probably pretty embarrassed about the entire thing on so many levels.

Janice Dickinson and Dr. Robert Gerner

This engaged couple was happy, and now they are having an issue. When his son set them up on a blind date a few years ago, they were instantly in love. They got engaged and they are getting ready to get married. So, what’s the issue with the former famous supermodel and the very famous neurosurgeon? Their prenuptial agreement, of course. She does not find a prenup to be something very romantic and will not sign one. He will not marry her if she does not, because he wants to protect his assets and his children in case their marriage does not work out for some reason – we all know Hollywood marriages have a wonderful way of working out, don’t we? They’re here to work through their issues and hopefully still get married.

Scott and Jaclyn Stapp

Married ten years, the lead singer of Creed and his wife are in trouble, but looking for a way out. After nine years of working very hard to help her husband with his many addictions, he hit a major road bump a year ago and relapsed worse than ever. Jaclyn filed for divorce after deciding she could no longer deal, and that’s when a new treatment center found out that his addictions are more than just addictions, but a result of a personality disorder on the bipolar spectrum. Now that he’s finally receiving the treatment he actually needs, they’ve decided to work on their marriage and see if they can get past their issues and his addictions.

Carmen Carrera and Adrian Torres

She’s a famous model and he is her husband of more than eight years. However, they’ve been living separately, but still in love, for the past two years after both of them decided to look for something outside of their marriage. They were both unfaithful and it wasn’t a good moment for them. They do not live together even today, but they’re interested in seeing if they can make their relationship work in the long term, so they’ve decided that perhaps couples therapy is something that might work for them to help them pass through their issues, get over their trust issues with one another and work on their marriage. They claim they are still in love, but they cannot seem to get over what happened a few years ago, so we will see if it makes a difference.

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