Is Chris Pratt Getting the Lead in the next Jurassic Park Movie?

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Chris Pratt may just be the biggest acting surprise of the last few years. His run on Parks and Rec is great, and his with huge starring turn in the forthcoming Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, it seems his star is just set to continue rising. Good news for Pratt fans today, as it seems the young actor is in talks to be the lead in the new Jurassic Park movie. So let me get this straight? He went from working with the parks and rec department, to guarding the galaxy, and now he is going to protecting the world from dinosaurs? Yes, that’s a pretty impressive and epic career arc.

The Wrap has the story in detail, but long and short, Chris Pratt is in talks with Jurassic World director,Colin Trevorrow to be the lead in his new Jurassic Park movie. We can’t help but wonder if Chris Pratt is aware how much his life is about to change. These two films are both set to be action-packed and epic, and also, set to make him a name to watch in Hollywood. Unless, of course, these two movies end up being awful. Then we are pretty sure he can just safely slink back to the Park and Recs department without anyone noticing.

But come on, we are talking about a space movie with a talking raccoon, and a movie about giant dinosaurs threatening our existence. You must live on a different planet than me if you think either of those things can fail.

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