Justin Bieber Calls Media Attacks “Bullying”

2013 Billboard Music Awards - Show

Bullying has been a hot topic in the media the past couple of months. Several stories of harsh bullying have surfaced in the news causing awareness on the topic and it’s effects to be more prominent than ever. It appears as if we have our latest victim of bullying in the form of pop singer Justin Bieber. In a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest the Biebs discussed his pain and suffering as a result of “media bullying”:

“I’m becoming a man, but I’m still 19, I’m still finding myself,” said Bieber. “When I have the media attacking me everyday… It’s no less bullying than what happens in schools. These people calling me names, and saying things, they don’t know what’s true or not.”

Bieber goes on to say how he’s still a young man and of course he’s going to make mistakes he just has to learn from them and grow. He wants the public to respect him for his music, but also as a man. At the moment, Bieber isn’t going to find any sympathy for this “media bullying”. Until he begins to make the right decisions, treat people with respect, and help others no one is going to listen to a word he says. The excuse that he’s young and going to make mistakes doesn’t work for him and he should understand that.

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