Justin Bieber Visits Philippine Typhoon Victims

Justin Bieber Visits Areas Of Philippines Left Devastated By Typhoon Haiyan

Yesterday we posted an article discussing how Justin Bieber was claiming to be “bullied” by the media. It’s easy to disagree with The Biebs on this one because most of his negative media attention is of his own doing. In the article, Bieber mentioned that he’s only 19-years old and he’s going to make mistakes – he needs to mature. Well, that make has started already.

While it’s easy to blast Bieber for his actions, it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t highlight positive things of the pop star. Yesterday, Bieber visited typhoon victims in the Philippines after launching a worldwide campaign to help those affected by the disaster. Biebs took some time off from his tour, which is currently stopped in Australia, to fly to Tacioban to distribute shirts, toys, and basketballs to children.

Bieber stopped by a couple schools that were housing children and being used as shelters. He ended up playing a lovely that was a big hit with the suffering people. “Justin brought a lot of joy, hope and cheer to the hundreds of children who were there,” Angela Kearney, UNICEF’s emergency coordinator for Haiyan response, said in a statement. The money Bieber raises will bring aid to hundreds in need. This is a start young man.

Image via Jeoffrey Maitem/Getty Images

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