Lance Bass Releases First Song in 12 Years

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I know, I know. The first new song from an N-Sync member and Lance Bass may have been the last one you wanted a single from. The thing is, we need to just take these small miracles as they come. It may not be the song you were waiting for, but Lance Bass releases first song in twelve years, and it is a fun, catchy little number that the kids say might be fun to groove to at the sock hop. Can you tell I am a little out of touch?

As Newsday reports, “Walking On Air” is the singers first song in well over a decade. He had reportadly been trying to find a track that he could record and re-introduce himself to the pop world, and a song from singer Anise K landed on his desk and he fell in love with it. Bass says he imagines that it will find a great number or remixes and will most likely end up being a “club banger.” For those unaware, a club banger is a song that primarily plays in dance clubs.

The singer took to social media to thank fans who took to it quickly. The bad news. Lance Bass has no intentions of recording any other music or doing any touring any time soon. So folks, this is about as close as you will be getting to some new N-Sync music for awhile.

(Photo by Clayton Chase/Getty Images for LG Music Lodge)

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