The Leading Candidates to Star in the New Star Wars Movie

Ah, a very touchy subject. If you are like me, you are super excited for the new Star Wars movies, but also a bit scared. This is a series that has a huge amount of fevered fan boys, and it seems any announcement that they make regarding the new Sta Wars is likely to set somebody off. Well, now that have made some (potential) casting news, and some people might find it surprising. There are two actors they specifically may be eyeing, and though the names may not ring an immediate bell, we can tell you why that is a good thing.

First off, we have Jesse Plemons from Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad. Seems on the quiet side, and a little shy perhaps (except when he was shooting kids on Breaking Bad). The rumor is he MAY play Luke Skywalker’s son. Truth is, it seems like that is a good pick. He is not a super star yet, and has a boyish quality to him, even though he is a man.

Next up, we have John Boyega from the movie Attack the Block. I can tell you, THAT would be a brilliant choice. In that film, that young man must face many emotions that range from full self doubt to the full belief in himself. That would lend itself well to a Star Wars film, depending on just the role they chose to put him in.

That, mixed in with the fact that Adam Driver from Girls is set to be the new bad guy in the new Star Wars and it seems like they really have the ball rolling on this film. I just hope the script and direction is as tight as the casting is. So far, all is looking prety good in that galaxy, far, far away.

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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