‘Meet The Parents’ Star Teri Polo Files for Bankrupcty

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Teri Polo isn’t a household name, but her husband from one of her major films just so happens to be. Mrs. Gregory Focker from the Meet the Parents movies hasn’t had much of a career post ‘Parents and unfortunately she’s paying for it… literally.

According to reports, Polo filed for bankruptcy last week according to federal court documents obtained by E! News. The documents claim Polo is buried under massive debts. The reports indicate that Polo has run up credit cards, unpaid amounts to the IRS, and lawyer fees totaling over $1 million. Without much going on in her career, she had no other choice, but to file. To be clear, Polo isn’t out of work. She’s currently acting in Jennifer Lopez’s ABC series The Fosters. However, it’s not enough to keep her from filing.

This isn’t the first story we’ve written about concerning celebrities running into financial trouble. Both actors and athletes alike have been known to make some pretty poor financial decisions while the going is good. Unfortunately, that doesn’t last forever and many celebrities are stricken with financial troubles. We wish Polo the best, she was great as Pam.

Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images for GLAAD

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