NBC Show Heroes is Making a Comeback

Hollywood Entertainment Museum Honors NBC's "Heroes" - Arrivals

You guys and gals remember the NBC show, Heroes, right? It was the show that featured all the people finding out they had super powers and learning how to live with those over time. There was also a bad guy who could absorb people’s powers, and overall, when it first began, it was a pretty great show. Well, it may have been off the air for four years, but it seems NBC is banking on the fact that we would all be into it again, because NBC show Heroes is making a comeback in 2015. I’ll admit, I am kinda excited. I thought the first season was great, and if they can stay true to that energy, they will have something here.

So how is heroes making a comeback? Seems NBC has a fifteen week miniseries follow up to the show called Heroes Reborn. The only problem being, all anyone knows about it so far is it has the Heroes name, and will air as a mini series in 2015. All other details are shrouded in mystery. I will say this, Heroes clearly started the trend of superhero TV, and it would be nice if they could reclaim the title they made popular. The only thing is, what will this new Heroes be about?

Do you think it will focus on characters we have already met? Perhaps further along in their lives, showing us how they have managed to survive. Or, do you think we will be meeting a whole new gaggle of Heroes this time around? With the “Reborn” moniker thrown on it, I bet you this will be an all new crew, with all new abilities.

Listen, as long as they keep the pacing and writing of how the first season went, we are officially excited that Heroes is making a comeback.

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

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