Nicki Minaj’s Clothing Line: You can Wear the Collection Appropriately

Nicki Minaj

Anyone currently residing beneath a rock might have missed the announcement that musical sensation Nicki Minaj has unveiled her own clothing line for Kmart. It’s not the high-end line that so many other celebrities-turned-designers go for, but it is Nicki Minaj, and everyone knows she’s a bit out there. Kmart is known for its affordable prices and its family-friendly atmosphere, so the announcement long ago that Nicki Minaj, who rarely bothers to wear clothes that cover all of her bits and pieces, has designed a line for the retailer caused a few eyebrows to raise.

Other affordable retailers such as Target are making their mark on the world of fashion by introducing high-end designer collaborations at an affordable price, and Kmart didn’t want to miss out on the distinction of having famous brands in their stores. Instead of turning to the likes of haute couture designers to create an affordable version of their big lines, however, the inexpensive retail giant has chosen to hit up celebrities that have no experience designing clothes to add a bit of appeal to their apparel selection. Nicki Minaj is not the first, and she certainly won’t be the last, celeb to collaborate with the retail chain to create a fashion line. Adam Levine and Selena Gomez have already joined ranks with Kmart (and that doesn’t even include former Charlie’s Angel star Jaclyn Smith, who debuted her own fashion line years ago).

Nicki Minaj’s Inspiration

What made Kmart think that someone without any formal fashion training is right to design a line of clothing that is purchased by women who aren’t working with a big budget and aren’t used to such a bold and vibrant style icon dictating their everyday wear? Well, the answer is popularity. People love Nicki Minaj, and that has given Kmart the idea to ask her to design clothes. While we know for certain that the items in her collection do not translate well in the office, classroom or anywhere but the club, we do know she had some very distinct inspiration for her line.

Minaj used her own style to help her create this line of clothing for Kmart. That’s right, the woman who wore a black jacket so small it didn’t even cover her breasts during an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show so memorable that it caused the comedian to work her entire Halloween costume around the design is the one making clothing for women who shop the Big K. She’s also the same star who wore a dress so short and so tight that she couldn’t get it zipped up in several minutes time and had to perform on stage holding the front together in front of the entire country alongside Jessie J and Ariana Grande at the VMAs this year. That’s the inspiration behind her line.

What to Expect

If you haven’t been into a Kmart store recently, you might not realize that Minaj has been selling out her pieces at a rapid pace for the past year. The buyers are exactly who you’d think they are; younger girls and teens who look up to the star and want to look like her when they’re walking down the street. While she’s introduced several different seasonal collections at this point, each one is vastly different yet very much the same. No matter the season, each of her looks is bold, brash, colorful and most indecent.

In the line at any given time, you can expect short hemlines, low necklines, tight fits, bold colors and big patterns. She’s a fan of the short short overall with a long side dip, the corset top and dresses to tight you aren’t left with much room for breathing – but that’s okay, because you look like Nicki Minaj.

It’s been over a year since the star’s clothing line was unveiled, and many people are surprised to see she’s still designing clothing for the store. It hasn’t toned down at all in nature, even though the star herself has toned down her appearance a bit. Gone are the days she dresses in brightly colored wigs, crazy makeup and questionable accessories. She’s gone a bit more natural, but still hasn’t changed her wild ways of dressing. The less coverage, the better if we can read what her style is saying between the lines.

Who Wears Nicki Minaj’s Clothing Line?

Do you want the truth? Nicki Minaj might be the only person in the world wearing her own clothing line, because it’s just not made for most people. Sure, there are some pieces that might work for a woman who is fairly short because the hemline might actually be a bit more appropriate that way. However, seeing that over the past year she’s had pieces in her collection that no person could wear anywhere in public, it’s a wonder Kmart has kept her on as a designer for so long.

In a line that features lots of cropped tops, body hugging dresses and stretch pants so tight we can’t even breathe looking at them, it’s no question that this line was designed by the singer for the singer. The day she unveiled her line in 2013, the star wore two of the collection’s pieces to the launch at a Kmart store. She paired high-waist black leggings with a blue cropped blazer. She put nothing under the blazer – at all – and she paired the ensemble with a killer pair of Giuseppe Zanotti’s. It was a prime example of just how much this line was created just for her.

Fortunately, many of the pieces in the line can be worn independently of other items. For this particular outfit, we suggest pairing the leggings with an oversize sweater and riding boots on a fall day. Don’t forget an infinity scarf for fun! The blazer, ideally, would look amazing paired with a long white tee, skinny jeans and ballet flats on a casual Saturday filled with errands and good old-fashioned fun.

All in all, the Nicki Minaj Collection is over-the-top in all manners of speaking. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth taking a look at the next time you find yourself in a Kmart store. It’s not impossible to find a few pieces to pair with more tame ensembles for a bit of excitement and style.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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