What’s up with Scott Disick and Kris Jenner???

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The relationship between a mother and her daughter’s boyfriend can be very interesting.  Of course, most mother’s want their daughters to find a good partner, settle down, and maybe even start a family – but the water starts getting murky when the relationship starts getting speed bumps. As a protector, mothers often take it upon themselves to intervene when they see that things aren’t going the way they’re supposed to.  For that reason, many daughters try to keep their day-to-day relationship struggles from their mothers, and for the average person this may work.  And most future sons-in-law do their best to keep their girlfriend’s mother feeling confident in the idea of him joining the family. However, for reality a TV star like Kourtney Kardashian, that simply isn’t an option. The whole world knows her business, including her mother, and Kourtney’s boyfriend, Scott Disick, doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks of him, including Kourtney’s mother.

Kourtney’s turbulent relationship with Scott has played a huge part in her story line on Keeping Up with the As a result of the couple’s rocky history, Kourtney’s mother, Kris Jenner, has been very critical of Scott over the years. In fact, Scott and Kris’ relationship has been almost as up and down and he and Kourtney’s. Let’s face it, most moms don’t think anyone is good enough for their children, but especially when that person is a complete jerk.  Throughout his time on the show, Scott has been rude, obnoxious, and careless. Compared to a lot of mothers out there, Kris has been relatively calm when dealing with Scott’s behavior and her feelings towards him (think RHOA’s Mama Joyce for comparison), but many people still feel that Kris has gotten too involved in her daughter’s relationship.

Scott and Kourtney’s relationship has received a lot of attention from the media, especially when it was revealed that Scott suffered from a drinking problem. From time to time, Scott, who has three children with Kourtney, also got a lot of flack for pretty much refusing to marry Kourtney because he claims that things are good the way they are, and marriage is unnecessary. However, for a while things seemed to be turning around, and Kris Jenner even admitted to liking Scott and accepting him as part of the family after the two were able to repair their relationship.  You’ve got to admit, it was pretty cute seeing Kris and Scott get along so well, and they both seem like much more pleasant people when they don’t want to bite each others heads off.  And although they have a rocky past, it’s always seemed like they’ve both secretly had soft spots for each other. When you think about it, they both have a lot in common, and have both been the target of more than their fair share of hate. But of course, nothing ever lasts in the world of reality TV stars, and over the last month, it looks like there’s trouble in paradise when it comes to Scott and Kris.

Over the last month, Scott’s drinking seems to have become even more of a problem and it looks like all hell could finally break loose between him and Kris.  In April, Scott was so out of control that he accidentally hit Kris in the head with a cork while opening a bottle of wine, and she stated that she was worried about how things might go with Scott and his drinking. Although Kris is family oriented, and is known for supporting her children in whatever they want to do, it seems like there’s only a matter of time before things really escalate to the point of no return.  Face it, a mother’s number one job is to protect her children, and there’s only so much she can take before going into full on mama bear mode and tearing poor Scott to shreds – which is something a lot of people would love to see. Seriously, if Scott keeps acting like, well, Scott, this whole thing could end up going totally Lifetime movie and Kris could encourage Kourtney to leave – with the kids! Although Kris’ parenting skills have often come under attack, there’s no denying that a mother knows best.

Do you think things between Kris and Scott will eventually become so bad that it causes a problem between him and Kourtney? Share your thoughts and opinions below, and please share this post with your friends to find out what they think about where things are headed for Scott and Kris.

 (Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images for Taste of Beverly Hills)

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