10 Celebrities Who Were Rumored to Have Cancer

janet jackson

Being diagnosed with cancer is a terrible ordeal for anyone, famous or not. However, when you are a perfectly healthy star who is just going about your own business, it’s annoying when people constantly question your health, accusing you of having cancer. While these are stars who are very happy to face rumors rather than reality, it’s still aggravating for them to constantly have to calm their friends and families when they hear the rumors. Additionally, it cannot be fun to hear from the press that you ‘look’ like you might have cancer – whatever that means. Either way, here are 10 stars who are very happy to say that their own experience with cancer is a rumor or two here and there.

janet jackson

Janet Jackson

The superstar announced only recently as the New Year began that she is not suffering from throat cancer after rumors began swirling like mad as the year began. She issued a very personal statement via Twitter reassuring her fans that while she believes in not addressing rumors, she preferred that they not worry about her. She even went so far as to tell the world that they should not believe anything they hear about her unless it comes from her own mouth.

val kilmer

Val Kilmer

Late last year, just as the holiday season kicked into full swing, rumors began swirling that the famous actor was in grave condition, likely dying, at a Los Angeles hospital known for its cancer ward. The actor denied that he has cancer, and his people shut down the rumors immediately. He was in the hospital for some tests, but they were all clean and he most certainly is not suffering from any form of cancer, as it was previously reported.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton

It was October 2015 when Dolly Parton, one of the most famous country singers in the world, announced that she does not have cancer. The rumors began after she was hospitalized for several days after being diagnosed with kidney stones and having them removed. Many believed she was in the hospital to have stomach cancer treated. She was happy to make sure everyone was perfectly well aware of the fact that she did not have cancer, just kidney stones; or she did, anyway.

kyle massey

Kyle Massey

The famous actor we all know and love from so many amazing shows and movies was once diagnosed by the press as a cancer patient. It turns out that he did not, in fact, dying of cancer. His reps confirmed that the actor was in perfect health in 2013 when the rumors began and he came out announcing that while he is healthy, he is very disappointed in his fans and the press for spreading such hateful and hurtful rumors. He believes this is not the type of news that should be spread without absolute confirmation from the person allegedly suffering.

brooks ayers

Brooks Ayers

Okay, so he’s not a celebrity so much as he is a horrible person who everyone seems to dislike from a reality television show, but he does seem to have the most interesting cancer rumor of all the people the world knows. He says he has cancer, but no one can verify that this is the truth. While there are people all over the world dying of cancer every single day, and those who are facing rumors they have it when they don’t, he actually says he has it and chances he does are actually very slim thanks to his lack of ability to produce any sort of documentation to verify his diagnosis. Now, we don’t believe for a second anyone should have to show their medical history to the press, but we think that doing that has to be a lot more reasonable than facing all this hatred and anger from the world.

angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie

She was very open when she was found to carry a cancer gene and decided to undergo preventative surgery as a result. However, despite the fact that she did not have cancer at all, the world did not stop talking about it. There are many who believe she did have cancer and she was having it treated, and she made up her preventative surgery story to keep the press at bay. Either way, the rumors are untrue.



It was 2011 when the beautiful singer was diagnosed with a hemorrhaged vocal cord and subsequently treated for it. However, the world wanted to believe right away that she was covering up throat cancer. At her age, it was highly unlikely she would be diagnosed with that type of cancer, however, the press did not stop running with the story that her career was over just as it got started because of her fictional throat cancer.

sharon osbourne

Sharon Osbourne

Ozzy’s wife was rumored to have breast cancer several years ago when she made the decision to undergo a double preventative mastectomy after learning she carried the cancer gene. Many people who find out they carry this gene choose to go this route so that they can minimize their chances of ever being diagnosed with cancer. When she did it, she was open about it, but many people accused her of covering up a cancer diagnosis.



Only two years ago, the superstar was accused of being deathly ill. It was rumored that she was dying of cancer, though it turns out she was not dying of cancer. In fact, she was just fine and working on numerous new projects at the time. The rumors were unfounded and out of left field, and she was very quick to put them to bed with a statement to the fact that her health is actually better than ever.

regis philbin

Regis Philbin

There is some speculation that many years ago when he had a lump removed from his hand that it was cancer. However, there are those who spoke out saying that the surgery and removal of the lump was not related to cancer. He never confirmed or denied that it was cancer, but most people seem to think it was not.

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