10 Things You Didn’t Know about Katie Lowes

Katie Lowes

Katie Lowes plays a character we all love on our favorite show, Scandal. Her role as Quinn Perkins has shot her to serious stardom opposite an amazing cast that includes Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Scott Foley and Bellamy Young. Her character plays a lawyer turned super spy turned lawyer turned fixer turned kind of crazy but still lovable and very loyal to her family. She is a gladiator, and she loves her job and will stop at nothing to ensure that her life and the lives of her friends and family are always safe and protected. But Katie Lowes is not Quinn Perkins, the once scared young woman who ran away from home, changed her name and tried to hide her life before becoming a killer and torturer for the infamous B613. She’s a 33-year-old actress from New York who actually leads quite a different life than her on camera persona. What don’t you already know about Katie Lowes? Plenty, is our guess.

Read on to find out a few interesting facts about the 33-year-old actress that you did not already know.

She was Voted One of the Top 10 Hottest Girls in her High School

When she was a high school freshman, Katie Lowes found herself among the top 10 girls in her class. No, not for her academic prowess; for her pretty face. It’s undeniable that she’s gorgeous, and she was also gorgeous in high school. She was voted one of the top 10 hottest girls in her freshman class; but you never hear her mentioning that fact.  And it’s the owner of this website that was in her high school, so he knows!

She has a Degree in Acting

To those of us not in the acting business, a BFA in acting might seem like something a bit fictional. I assure you, it is not. You can actually get a degree in almost everything. However, Katie Lowes actually uses her degree, unlike so many other people who get one and then move on to do other things in life since acting is not actually a possibility for everyone. She received her BFA from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.

Her First Role was on Rescue Me

Not too many people realize that Katie Lowes has not been in the business for very long. Her role on Shonda Rhimes’ hit show is the one that made her famous, but she actually got her start on FX playing a role on Rescue Me, which led to other roles on other shows before she made her big break in her role as B613 agent Quinn Perkins.

Shonda Rhimes Really Likes Her

We all know that Shonda Rhimes is a Hollywood genius with shows such as Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. She’s cast Katie Lowes in all three, allowing her to play guest stars in both of her medical dramas before giving her a much larger, much more prominent role in her White House drama.

She’s One of Several ‘Reused’ Characters

Katie Lowes’ Quinn Perkins might not have been a character on any other television show, but Katie Lowes herself is one of many actors and actresses that Shonda Rhimes has taken from her two medical dramas (Grey’s and Private Practice) to use in Scandal. Jeff Perry, who plays Cyrus Beene, is from Grey’s, and Kate Burton, who plays former vice president turned political talk show host Sally Langston, was his former wife on the same show. Paul Adelstein was a main character and doctor on Private Practice, and you’ll see a few other stars who played roles in both those shows alongside Katie Lowes on Scandal.

She Talks Fast

One thing that you might notice if you watch Scandal is that the characters on the show have to talk very quickly. Fortunately, for Katie Lowes this is something that comes very naturally for her. She once said that growing up she was constantly asked to slow down and not speak so quickly since no one could understand what she was saying. Her quick dialogue might not work for her in the past, but it certainly does work for her now that she’s playing a character that has to be quick, efficient and to the point at every twist and turn the plot throws our way.

She’s a Former Nanny

When she was looking for steady work in the business, Katie Lowes had to make ends meet somehow between roles, so she took a job as a nanny for another famous face. She was actually the woman responsible for caring for Connie Britton’s little boy, and she and the actress get along quite well even though she left them behind for bigger and better things. There are no hard feelings at all.

She’s Married to Adam Shapiro

Few people realize that Katie Lowes is actually married to a fellow actor, Adam Shapiro. He was a guest star on her hit show back in season 1 and actually played her on-screen love interest in the episode in which he guest-starred alongside his wife. It was cute, and few people realize that she is actually married to him in the real world.

She’s a Singer

Not to be outdone by all the other multi-talented actresses in the business, Katie Lowes has stated on more than one occasion that she’s a singer and she’s been doing it as long as she can remember. It’s not easy to sing, to carry a tune or to hit certain notes, but she’s not afraid to try and she’s not afraid to take on the challenge. In fact, for her it isn’t even a challenge since she’s so naturally good at it from the start.

She Founded a Theater Company

Katie Lowes and her husband, Adam Shapiro, founded a theater company in Los Angeles called the IAMA Theater Company. The company helps those who want to be a part of the acting community learn to do just that, and it’s a successful theater company, too. Most people are unaware that she works so hard for her theater company, but it’s something she considers her baby.

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