10 Movie Roles Miles Teller was Born to Play

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Over the last few years, 28-year-old, Miles Teller, has made a name for himself in the film industry.  Although it’s been just five years since his big screen debut, Teller has proven to be a very versatile actor and he’s already appeared in some pretty big name films including Divergent and Fantastic Four.  As his career progresses, it’s safe to say that Teller will continue to climb the Hollywood hierarchy, and there’s a good chance that you will be hearing about him for years to come. With a resume that doesn’t yet include two dozen films, it’ll be interesting to see how things unfold for him.  Here are 10 movie roles that Miles Teller was born to play.

A War Era Hero

There’s nothing like a classic war film to draw audiences in and promote the spirit of patriotism.  With his all-American good looks and bright smile, Miles Teller would make the perfect soldier.  It’s easy to see him in the role of a kind love interest who has to leave his lady to go off to war, and while that role may seem cliché, Teller is talented enough to make it captivating.


It’ll probably be years before anyone decides to remake Rocky. As one of the most iconic film franchises of all-time, it’s always tricky messing with something that was perfectly fine the way it was.  However, if anyone is ever brave enough to tackle remaking the classic film, they better make sure Miles Teller is available for the leading role.   Teller already has played a boxer in the film, Bleed for This, and he’s from Downington, PA which is only about 40 minutes from Rocky’s hometown of Philadelphia.

Dirty Dancing – Johnny Castle

For the last few years, there have been talks of a Dirty Dancing remake, and although nothing seems to be set in stone, it could be nice to see Teller take on a leading role in the film.  He has already proven to be a pretty good dancer with his appearance in the remake of Footlose, and it would be nice to see him tackle another classic dance film.

Any serious drama role

Although Teller’s most popular film roles haven’t been his more serious/dramatic work, Teller has stated that he does enjoy appearing in drama films with meaningful roles.  However, he knows that sometimes in order to take the best roles he has to be selective, and sometimes that simply doesn’t include  dramas.  However, it is clear that he has a serious knack for taking on dramatic roles, and it would be nice to see him get a great dramatic role in a successful film.

John F. Kennedy

In 2015, Teller filmed, Bleed for This, in which he portrayed boxer, Vinny Paz. Although the film has yet to hit theaters, many have said that Teller did a wonderful job in the role.  It would be nice to see Teller take on another biographical role, and he definitely seems like the perfect fit to play the role of former president John F. Kennedy. So far, there hasn’t been a biopic devoted to the slain president, but that is likely to change eventually.

A Gladiator

Not only has Miles Teller career developed over the years, but so has his body.  Recently, Teller has been working on his physique and it would be cool to see him in the role of some sort of gladiator.  Although he’s already been in a diverse group of films, he hasn’t yet been in anything like this.  It might be a nice change of pace for him and his fans.

Elvis Presley

With the right hairstyle it’s very easy to picture Miles Teller taking on the role of the legendary Elvis Presley.  Teller has already proven that he can keep up on the dance floor, and with his intense fine arts training he could probably pull off some decent vocals as well. Elvis is another popular American figure whose life has yet to be brought to the big screen, and Miles Teller may be the perfect person to do him justice.

The lead in a romantic comedy

Romantic comedies have become extremely popular within the film world.  It seems that love and laughter are two things that people can’t seem to get enough of. Teller’s appearance in the film, The Spectacular Now, proves that this genre is just one more that he’s capable of dominating and as his star continues to shine, another romantic comedy could prove to be a great fit.

Victor Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein and his monster are two of the most popular horror characters to ever exist.  As the son of a nuclear plant engineer, Miles Teller might enjoy taking on the role of Victor Frankenstein. Plus, horror movies these days have definitely lost a little bit of their scary factor, but with his immense talent Teller would be great at bringing out the dark side of the mad scientist.

Darrel ‘Darry’ Curtis

The Outsiders is one of the best modern classic books/films.  Although the film adaptation was released in 1983, it would be nice to see this film done again with a more contemporary group of stars. The story, which follows a group of teenage/young adult boys living in the midwest, touches on the differences in socio-economic status and education and the role they play.  Teller would be great in the role of Darry Curtis, the oldest of the Curtis brothers who has been raising his siblings since their parents passed away.  With the perfect combination of drama and action, Teller could bring some of his most used skills to the role.

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