10 Things You Didn’t Know about Karen Huger

Karen Huger

Getting to know the newest real housewives on the block, the ladies from the Potomac, means getting to know a bit about Karen Huger. She’s one of the newest ladies to come in our livings rooms every Sunday night, and it seems to us that she is worth getting to know. She’s been allowing Bravo cameras into her home for the past few months, filming for The Real Housewives of Potomac, and she’s excited for the world to get to know her a bit better. Of course, she has to know the world will have mixed reactions. Some will love her, some will hate her and some will never ever learn her name. Before the show premiers and we get to see inside her glamorous and very prestigious lifestyle, let’s get to know Karen Huger just a bit more on our own terms.

She’s A Boss

If there is one thing we need to get out of the way about Karen Huger before she comes into our living rooms, it’s that she is not someone who sits around the house all day long with nothing to do but get her nails done and shop. Sure, she likes those things; but she’s a boss babe. What does that mean? It means she handles her business. No matter what she’s doing, she’s in charge. She’s married to one of the most powerful men in the area and she knows what it’s like to run an empire; her own. She handles it – and she handles it with ease.

Her Husband is A Boss

Karen Huger might be the CEO and President of her own life, her husband’s life and her kids’ lives, but her husband is also a CEO. He’s the CEO of Paradigm Solutions International, one of the most successful information technology companies in the world. His entire life has been spent working with computers, and he’s good at what he does. He handles that portion of their business, but it’s Karen that handles every other aspect of their lives – laugh if you will, call it silly, but being a wife and a mom and everybody’s everything is pretty demanding.

She’s Got Two Kids

She certainly doesn’t look as if she has two kids, and she really doesn’t look as though she has two kids that are about to be out of the house. Her oldest son is 27 and long gone from mommy’s, and her daughter is 17 and ready to fly the nest in the coming months. It looks as if she’s been busy for the past two decades, and we think that she might be looking to enjoy some of her newfound freedom now that her kids are taking care of themselves. I look so forward to those days myself.

She’s a Lady

Karen Huger once said, “In Potomac, you conduct yourself with proper etiquette,” in her promo for RHOP. We think she might be a bit of a lady, and we love that about her. The world needs more ladies and less confrontation, so we’re hoping that she is in the market to bring a little class back to television and to women her age. I think I might already love her, in fact.

But She Knows How to Have a Good Time

Don’t let Karen Huger’s proper etiquette fool you, though. She’s a lady who knows how to have a good time. How do we know this? Well, take one look at any of her social media accounts and you’ll see she’s witty, quick and self-deprecating. You’ll also see that she and her husband have a good time together. After all these years of marriage and decades together, it takes a couple who knows how to relax and have a good time to make things work – and they seem to have that in the bag.

She’s a Country Girl

She might look like all things city, but Karen Huger is from the Virginia countryside. She knows what it’s like not to have a Saks in her backyard and what it’s like to drink beer…from a can – because sometimes that’s all you can find. What we love about her is that she’s fine with that. She’s not trying to hide her past. It is what it is and it made her who she is today, and she doesn’t seem as though she’s too unhappy with her current self.

She’s a College Grad

Karen Huger might not have known she’d be a very wealthy housewife and mom one day, so she made sure she got herself to college. She attended the University of Virginia. She knew that she had to work hard to get where she wanted to go in life. She did it her entire life growing up on her parents’ farm and she still works hard doing everything she does, from networking to socializing to managing her family.

She Networks Like a Boss

There is not an event in Potomac you will not find Karen Huger laughing, talking up the who’s who of the area and making new friends. Why? Well, she’s social and enjoys a good time, but because when you are married to one of the most powerful men in the area with a major company that does work for major companies, you put on a smile and you put yourself out there. Those not in the position might not understand it, but being married to someone who has a job in the public eye means making yourself part of that public eye, too.

She Likes her Costars

If you are looking for some drama with a capital D from Karen Huger, we get the feeling you might be looking at the wrong housewife. Don’t get us wrong; we have no doubt she will stand up for what’s right and well with the world, but we don’t think she seems like the kind of lady who goes around starting drama and getting into the middle of everyone’s business. On that note, she actually likes the women she’s met through the filming process, and so far it’s good between them.

She’s a Party Planning Pro

If you want to go to a party, get yourself on the list to attend one of Karen Huger’s parties. She’s well-known for going above and beyond with every little detail to ensure that her guests have the most fabulous time at her events. Here’s hoping we get to see some of her famous parties on Bravo this season.

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