10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mackenzie Mckee

Mackenzie McKee

Mackenzie McKee  gained popularity after she appeared on a season of MTV’s 16 & Pregnant, and the follow-up series, Teen Mom 3. During her time on the show, viewers watched her struggle with pregnancy, and face the many challenges of being a young mother. Like many other reality TV stars, time away from the screen hasn’t made people forget about Mackenzie.  Over the years, she has managed to maintain a good level of relevance, and people still love being updated on what’s going on in her life. Now a young mother trying to establish a career and build her personal brand, Mackenzie isn’t the same little teenage girl who viewers once knew.  Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Mackenzie Mckee.

She’s raising money for implants. 

Recently, Mackenzie has started a fundraising campaign on myfreeimplants.com in hopes of raising enough money to get implants. She claims that getting the procedure will make her “more proportionate” and has already picked the surgeon she wants to perform the operation.  However, Mackenzie still has a pretty long way to go before reaching her goal of $5,000.

She didn’t want to gain weight from taking birth control, so she ended up getting pregnant instead.

Mackenzie is all about eating right and staying healthy, and during high school she was a cheerleader.  In an effort to maintain her figure, she opted not to take birth control because of the potential side effect of weight gain. As a result, she ended up getting pregnant – which usually involved gaining a pretty decent amount of weight.

The pregnancy that was featured on 16 & Pregnant was not her first.

Although Mackenzie gave birth to her first child on the show, the pregnancy was not actually her first.  Mackenzie had gotten pregnant once before, but unfortunately lost the baby due to a miscarriage.  According to sources, Mackenzie and Josh planned to name their unborn son, Oakley.

She has diabetes. 

Part of the reason why Mackenzie is so invested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is because she suffers from type 1 diabetes. Mackenzie has been pretty open about the effects of the disease on her life, and even shared some of the challenges she faced during pregnancy as a result of her diabetes.  During an interview she stated: “Although pregnant people like to eat a lot, I had to eat everything just right. If I had a low blood sugar it was suffocating the baby, and when I had a high blood sugar, it was giving the baby extra sugar, which made him gain weight. It was very hard with all the hormones to keep my blood sugars normal. I did everything right and STILL had mess ups. So, yes, I had LOTS of complications. It was very hard. I honestly didn’t think I would make it.” Unfortunately, diabetes has caused other problems in Mackenzie’s life.  In 2015, she was in a car accident that was caused by her “sky high” blood sugar.

She’s the mother of two.

In 2014, Mackenzie welcomed her a second child, a daughter which she named Jaxie Taylor.  After giving birth, Mackenzie was overjoyed that her daughter was healthy, and also said that diabetes did not cause any problems during the birthing process.

She is a hairstylist.

Mackenzie, who attended cosmetology school, has always had dreams of becoming a stylist. In 2013, after earning her license, she announced that she had officially landed a job at a salon. Although she had to put her life on hold for a few while pregnant with Gannon, it’s nice to see Mackenzie living out her dreams and doing something that she truly loves.

Her mother is an author.

Mackenzie’s mom, Angie Douthit, is a published author who has written about some of the family’s experiences. Her 2010 book, Life with Mike,  tells the story of caring for someone with down’s syndrome. The book has received positive reviews and many readers were moved by the story’s kindness and compassion.

She loves to ride horses.

Outside of being a mom and a fitness guru, Mackenzie also enjoys riding horses.  Her husband, Josh, also has some experience riding bulls which probably has something to do with how the couple met and built a connection.

She’s married.

Unfortunately, most of the couples who are introduced on 16 & Pregnant don’t even survive the pregnancy. By the time they make it to Teen Mom, their relationship is usually nothing more than a distant memory. However, Mackenzie set out to defy the odds. After years of dating, she and her long time boyfriend, Josh finally decided to tie the knot in a rodeo themed ceremony.  Unfortunately; however, their relationship has since his a rough patch, and the two are said to be in the midst of getting a divorce.

She’s in ridiculously good shape. 

Mackenzie’s health and fitness blog has certainly gained some popularity over the years.  She uses the blog as a way to share information about her fitness journey as well as to educate others on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Mackenzie cites her family as a huge inspiration and motivator to help her keep going down the clean eating path.

(image via https://twitter.com/DouthitKenzie)

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