The 5 Biggest Scandals on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a reality show with a group of women who love to cause controversy. While this is a group of women with style, money and what should be class, there are always a few that decide they’d much rather spend their time causing controversy than anything else. There is a child actress with an addict sister, a restaurant owner with a reality show of her own filled with debauchery and classless staff and there is a former housewife who can’t utter one sentence without including the “F”word, another who is battling a disease that’s serious and a new housewife that loves to take off her clothes on the weekends and live as her alter ego.

Fascinating, is it not? We have learned to love these ladies, from the original batch that included Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump, the only two who have made it onto every season. We’ve said goodbye to Camille Grammar and Adrienne Maloof, hello and goodbye to Brandi Glanville, goodbye to the very troubled Kim Richards and hello to housewives that didn’t stick around for very long. The biggest controversies are often the most talked about, and these women know how to bring it.

Russell Armstrong’s Suicide

Taylor Armstrong was part of the cast of the first season of RHOBH and she had it rough. She alleged that her husband was abusive, that he hurt her and that their marriage was a sham. She finally left her husband and then he killed himself in their home, leaving her and her daughter alone and without a penny. It was then revealed that he had stolen money from clients and done some other dastardly deeds that left her broke and indebted to many people that she didn’t even know thanks to her late husband. It was 2011, and it was quite the scandal.

Kim Richards – All the Time

She’s another of the original housewives, and also the sister of Kyle Richards. Since season one, we have watched her battle alcohol addiction. We’ve watched as she went to rehab, as she hurt her sister and her family and as she has done all the things she should not do. The biggest scandal was when she was arrested for assaulting an officer after falling off the wagon at the beginning of 2015. However, she then topped that moment when she was arrested for stealing more than $600 worth of merchandise from a Southern California Target. The former child-star and mother has fallen off the wagon before, and it’s clear to use that she battles an addiction that is much bigger than she. We hope that she can overcome her demons and get the help she desperately needs.

Brandi Glanville’s Racist Comments

Brandi Glanville is a controversy in and of herself. She’s got a foul mouth, she is quick to say whatever is on her mind and she’s not that afraid of getting into trouble. However, when she made a comment that was obscenely racist to a former housewife by the name of Joyce Giraud, the world was a little shocked. After all, what she said was a bit much even for her, and she claimed it was a joke. Most of the world did not take it as a joke and she was crucified in the press. It’s been said that Bravo alternately loved that moment thanks to the press it gave the show and hated it at the same time since it was a classless remark that didn’t belong on the show.

Yolanda Foster’s Illness

When Yolanda Fosater became one of the RHOBH, the world sighed with relief. The former supermodel is all class. She is kind, she is quick to stick up for her friends, and she rarely has anything that is not absolutely kind to say. She is a friend to all and she is someone who clearly looks for all the beauty in life she can find. We love her motivational messages, her love for her kids that is so obvious and the fact that she is the one who does the day-to-day cooking and gardening and caring for the house in their home. However, when she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, her world changed.

She has spent years ill and unable to do many of the things the things she was once able to do. She’s become sicker and sicker and she is losing her battle with the disease in many ways. She has not given up hope, but this season it seems that her friends are turning their back on her. Some of the other wives are questioning her illness stating that there is no way she is as sick as she claims and they are really being quite mean to her. We prefer the women who are sticking by her side and are merely there for her to the ones that want to say she’s not as ill as she seems.

Camille Grammar’s Divorce

During the very first ever season of this hit reality show, we saw Camille Grammer and her then husband Kelsey Grammer live their lives. He was off to New York to star in a new play, and she was going to stay at home in California with the kids. They seemed happy, until one day when she went to their New York home and was informed by the staff there that she was not the real Mrs. Kelsey Grammar. It turns out, her husband had been cheating on her with a flight attendant and he’d gotten her pregnant. He told Camille he wanted to divorce her and then proceeded to marry his flight attendant almost immediately.

It came to light later in the season that he wanted his wife to join the show so that she would be required to spend more time in California and less with him in New York so that he could be with his mistress. She was furious, and her world came crumbling down on her during that season. She declined to come back as a fulltime wife after that.

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