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There’s a lot of question about the man who is the biological father of Selena Gomez. The former Disney Star has had some pretty sad things to say about her father, Ricardo Joel Gomez, and there have been conflicting stories in the press regarding his ability to raise his kids and to be there for them. We don’t know much about him, but what we do know makes it sound as if he might not have always been the best father. Is his relationship with Selena Gomez better today?

Is he the kind of man who cares for his daughter now that he has another daughter, and his life is focused on his current wife and his other family? With the announcement that Selena Gomez is cancelling her tour due to her Lupus, we have to wonder if her father will be there for her.

There are stories that she was raised by her mother and didn’t know her dad, and stories that she was raised by her dad and never saw her mother. Her grandparents say they raised her, and some other people say that her parents were both equally involved in her life. We don’t know, so we thought we might check out Ricardo Joel Gomez to see what kind of dad he is, and get to know him better.

The rumors seem to be very prevalent, but the photos of him with his daughter make it seem that the two of them spend a significant amount of time together, and we have a feeling he is always there for his daughter.

He was married to Selena’s mom for five years

It appears that he and Amanda, Selena’s mom, were only married for about five years in the early 90s. They wed in 1992 when they became pregnant with their daughter. Her mother was only 16 when she gave birth to Gomez, and life was not easy for her at that point. Her father wasn’t around much following their divorce, and he was not there to help their family survive.

He used his daughter as a child

When she was only 7, Ricardo Joel Gomez would take his daughter out to eat so that he could hit on waitresses that thought she was adorable. It was their “Thing” as she once called it. He noticed that women seemed to love her, so he would ask her mom for her for a while and use her to pick up the ladies while they were out. It’s a pretty disgusting story.

There are many conflicting stories

No one really knows what happened when Selena’s parents were young and they separated. There are stories that there are reports that Selena Gomez was raised by her mother. There were other reports that she was raised by her father. There are reports from two sets of grandparents that they raised their granddaughter. It’s hard to make a firm decision about her family growing up.

He loves his daughter

If you thought that perhaps Ricardo Joel Gomez wasn’t a part of his daughter’s life, you’d be mistaken. His social media is filled with very recent and old photos of the two of them together. They are obviously in contact with one another, but we don’t know if they are close or if they are not in real life.

His daughters are close

Another thing we’ve noticed is that Selena Gomez does seem to be close to her father’s second daughter with his second wife. She posts a lot of photos of the two of them together, and they do seem very sweet. Her baby sister seems to go with her to her concerts and spend some serious time with her big sister when they have off days together.

He’s a huge basketball fan

Ricardo Joel Gomez is a huge Selena Gomez fan, but he is also a big San Antonio Spurs fan. He loves to make it to as many games as he can, and he makes sure he takes both his daughters and his wife with him when he can. There is a lot of family love these days, though we don’t know if there always was between this young woman and her family.

He’s got a stepson, too

He might not have a biological son of his own, but Ricardo Joel Gomez does have a stepson from his second wife’s previous relationship. He does seem to think that this little boy is as much his own as his daughters, and we do appreciate that about him. He might be young, but he’s not someone who seems to be too young to care for his kids.

He spends a lot of time with family

For a man who is only in his mid-30s after having his daughter so young, he is a man who spends a lot of quality time with his family. Almost every single photo on his social media account is of himself with his family. He is spending the holidays with them, at games with them, at his daughter’s concerts with her and even on the boat in California with his wife and daughter.

He’s a Christian

Ricardo Joel Gomez is a man of faith. He often posts photos on his social media accounts that tell of his love for God with quotes and bible verses alike. He seems to have made sure that despite becoming a very young father that he is able to actually do the job he needs to do, and that he still has hope for his future.

He’s adventurous

If there is one thing we can say about the man Selena Gomez calls dad, it’s that he has a sense of adventure. He has a lot of photos on his social media of him zip lining, enjoying the boat, playing sports and partaking in a number of other social activities that might be considered a bit adventurous. We like that, and we hope that he continues to live a life filled with adventure and with enjoyment.

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