10 Things You Didn’t Know about Leon Walker

Leon Walker

Are you familiar with the name Leon Walker? If not, you might need to become familiar with it. He’s the newest chef on Season 3 of Bravo’s hit series Below Deck and he is cooking up some serious controversy this season. I’ll confess and tell you now that I’ve never watched this series. I do have my RH moments, but I don’t really watch much in the way of reality television. It’s just a sad reminder – along with the news – of what is happening to the world. I prefer to watch things like Bubble Guppies with babies and pretend that all adults and humans are as intelligent and creative and kind as these little fish(?).

However, Leon Walker is a name you will need to become familiar with if you plan on watching any television in the near future. He’s a chef, he’s a reality star and we have a feeling that people are going to be seeing a lot more of Leon Walker now that he’s become semi-famous. So, let’s start by telling you all the things you did not know about Leon Walker, new reality television star.

1. He’s a Good Chef

There is nothing wrong with being a chef on a boat, but it takes a good one to do a job like this. Not only are your options limited being that there aren’t all that many stores and shops in the middle of high seas in which he can pick up a new ingredient if he’s missing one, he’s working with a very small kitchen at that. It’s not easy to cook a high-end meal when you have very little space. Even mega-yachts that have plenty of space are not big on kitchen space, and all things in there are a bit smaller than they are in a real kitchen. Good for Leon Walker for being good att his.

2. He’s English and Jamaican

He is of English and Jamaican descent, which is cool. However, we have no idea how that works. Perhaps he is English and was raised in Jamaica or vice versa. Perhaps he was raised in New Jersey or Wyoming and his parents are from Jamaica and the UK; we don’t know. We just know he’s a little of both and we like Caribbean food and fish and chips, so it all works out just splendidly. Can someone from Leon Walker’s camp confirm?

3. He Lives in Australia

When you’re of English and Jamaican descent, you obviously head to Australia to live since neither place is all that desirable, right? We don’t know why he chose somewhere so far away from his roots, but we do know that Australia is a nice place so he is probably just there to live it up and have a good time. There is nothing wrong with that, especially in the eyes of Leon Walker.

4. He is Head Chef and Founder of Three Restaurants

In his real life back in Australia, Leon Walker has three restaurants. He’s got a catering business by the name of Wink Catering, a café called Wink Café and a restaurant called Wink II Restaurant. Now, not being a restaurant owner, caterer or even remotely good cook but as someone who patronizes  many restaurants regularly in an effort to stay alive by eating, I know that running a restaurant is a difficult job. That leads me to wonder what Leon Walker is doing in the middle of the ocean cooking for rich boat owners when he could be, you know, running his actual business.

5. He was Good when he was Only 18

If there is one thing that he’s said time and time again, it’s that he’s always had a love of cooking. I’ll go with Leon Walker on this one. You either love cooking or you hate it. When you hate it, you’re not that good at it. It’s a labor of love, so we can only assume it’s something the reality star has loved much of his life.

6. He’s Not Dating Anyone

Well, ladies, the man whole more closely resembles a fitness instructor distantly related to Vin Diesel than a cook is single. That’s right; Leon Walker has no special person in his life. He’s completely open and ready to mingle with the ladies (or the gentlemen; we are not entirely sure and do not want to mislead anyone on the matter). All we know is that the people in the ship on which he works should walk out because most single people aren’t happy being single.

7. He’s Got Two Kids

All right, some people might assume he likes the ladies because of this one but I still cannot confirm. I know plenty of people with kids that aren’t and never have been married to someone of the opposite sex (and plenty that are). Either way, we think he’s into the ladies, but we know that Leon Walker has two kids at home that are waiting on him to return to the mainland and care for them. He has two daughters, and we hear he’s a good dad.

8. He’s Already Making Enemies

There are a few people aboard his new ship that already don’t like him, and that’s what makes reality television so interesting. What you can hate about the person responsible for cooking your food every single day is beyond me. This would become my best friend. I’d be Leon Walker’s friend if he was the only one responsible for cooking for me.

9. He’s Cooked at Sea Before

When he was only 18, Leon Walker was invited to cook meals aboard the Queen Elizabeth II, a luxury liner that takes passengers anywhere and everywhere that they want to go. He’s someone who really is quite good at what he does if this is any indication.

10. He’s Not Doing an Easy Job

Cooking aboard a ship is not an easy job, but cooking for people who want the best of the best from a kitchen that is not fully equipped with all that it needs to make it a real chef’s kitchen is not always a simple task. Leon Walker is up for the job, though, so we assume he’s going to make it work.

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