10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chachi Gonzales


With a name like Chachi, you know she’s got to be amazing. Chachi Gonzales is amazing, and she’s not afraid to make sure the world knows all about it. She’s young, she’s talented, and people love her. In case you’re not sure who she is, and we don’t believe that for even a second, she is a dancer and a choreographer, and she is part of the amazing dance crew that took home the title of champions of America’s Best Dance Crew back in 2011. Her crew is called I.aM.mE – and they’re good. She’s always got a smile for you, a killer dance, and she’s dedicated her entire life to taking on the art of dance and making it cooler, hipper and far more entertaining than ever before. Did we mention she’s got the kind of personality that makes it almost impossible not to want to be her new best friend?

She’s young

Chachi Gonzales has accomplished more in her young life than most of us have accomplished in our much less young lives. She is a serious force with which to be reckoned, and she’s amazing. One thing we’ve noticed about her is that she seems so much more mature than her age might tell us she really is, and we imagine it’s from years of hard work and dedication. Do you believe she is only 20-years-old? She was born on January 23, 1996. That makes her 13 years younger than me; so crazy.

She’s got four siblings

Big families are the best kind of families, and I say that with confidence. I never wanted a big family, but my husband and I somehow wonder each and every day how we managed to go from not being sure we wanted any kids (well, he wanted kids…I wasn’t sure) to having four, but we’re good with it. They’re fun, we’re never bored, and I’m in amazing shape thanks to my 2-year-old twins. Chachi Gonzales is one of five, and that’s seriously amazing. She’ll never be bored during the holidays or find that she has no one to talk to.

Her name is not Chachi

It’s a cool name, but it’s only her nickname. Her full name is actually Olivia Irene. We have no actual idea where the name Chachi comes from, but we can probably assume it comes from her dancing. She’s good, and we know a ChaCha is a dance. So maybe that’s where it comes from. We probably just made that up.

She’s been dancing since she was 6

It’s amazing to think that she waited until she was 6 to begin dancing, but she’s just so good at it. She’s a young woman who began as a hobby, and she has no idea that she’d be so good at it and end up making it a career for herself. Then again, how many of us actually know that kind of stuff when we begin our lives?

She wasn’t sure about hip hop dancing when she first began

Believe it or not, this amazing hip hop dancer did not like it when she first began. She wasn’t sure about it. She admits that she was entirely too reserved to be a hip hop dancer when she was a little girl, and it took her a long time to become comfortable with it. Imagine her surprise how good she was at it. She wasn’t confident enough in her dancing to take on a role like that, but she ended up being amazing at it; and now look where she is in life.

She teaches dance across the world

She’s only 20, but she is an experienced teacher. She travels the entire world to teach dance classes. So far in her young life and career, she’s been to places such as the UK, Russia, Germany, Thailand, India, Mexico, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, the Philippines and so many more locations throughout the world to teach dance classes and workshops. She’s not hesitant to share her talents with the entire world, and she’s good at what she does. She’s seriously amazing, and she is dedicated to her craft.

She’s got a clothing line of her own

Just when you thought you could not possibly be any more impressed with Chachi Gonzales, we throw this little fact at you. When she was only 18, she launched a clothing line of her own. It’s called Dotheads by Chachi. She released the line in January of 2014 when she turned 18, and she did an amazing job with it. She’s someone who is so focused on her career that it’s amazing to us.

She danced for Britney Spears

Imagine being a dancer and wanting to make it your career. Now imagine being a backup dancer for none other than Britney Spears. She’s one of the most famous popstars in the entire world, and she’s known for her killer dances and her amazing shows. Chachi Gonzales was chosen to be part of the Tribute to Britney Spears back when she was part of the 2011 MTV VMAs. She also ended up being named the Teen Choreographer of the Year at the same time. It was an amazing year for her.

She’s been a kind-of Disney star

Disney stars end up making it big time in the world. Don’t they all seem to turn into the most famous faces in Hollywood when they reach a second or third season of their hit shows? She was never a main character, but she did get to show up a few times on a show my own kids love called Shake It Up. It’s a dance show, and my kids adored it when it was on.

She’s an actress

Not only is she a dancer, she’s had acting roles, too. She’s been in movies, she’s created dances for animated features, and she was even cast in a show called East Los High during its second season. Did we mention she’s slightly talented and hugely ambitious, or did you garner that yourself?

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