Turns Out that Julie Bowen’s Feet Are Very Popular on Twitter

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Actress Julie Bowen’s feet have been gaining popularity over the last several years.  All across the internet, fans have come together to discuss Bowen’s famous feet, and it seems that this community of feet loving fans is growing.  Whether sharing photos or simply showing admiration, Bowen’s feet have moved people in a very special way.

Thanks to their dedication and effort, Bowen’s feet have become the topic for several blog and social media posts.  Amazingly, Bowen’s feet alone have proven to be more interesting than some people’s entire bodies.  Although Julie Bowen is best known for her acting chops, her feet have become best known for something entirely different. Here are three interesting Julie Bowen feet facts.

3. Julie Bowen wears a size seven shoe.

With a size seven shoe, Julie Bowen is just under the national average for women in the United States.  However, many women prefer to have smaller feet, and believe that is much easier to find shoes in smaller sizes.

2. Julie Bowen’s feet are very popular on Twitter.

Apparently, Twitter users love talking about Julie Bowen’s feet.  All across Twitter, there are countless tweets from fans discussing everything about Bowen’s feet from their size and to their appearance.  Unfortunately for Bowen’s feet, everyone doesn’t subscribe to the old ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’

1. Julie Bowen doesn’t like her feet.

During an interview, Julie Bowen admitted that her feet are one of her least favorite body parts.  The condition of Bowen’s feet is probably a result of her long love for running.  However, despite her own opinion, there are many people who believe that Bowen’s feet are anything but ugly.  According to Wikifeet, Bowen’s feet have been giving a “beautiful” rating by nearly 500 users.

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