10 Things You Didn’t Know about Erika Jayne

Erika Jayne

You might not know her too well just yet, but you will before too long; her name is Erika Jayne and she is one of the newest members of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which premiered on Bravo this week. She is a bit younger than some of the other housewives, decidedly brought on to replace the very foul-mouthed and inappropriately controversial ex-housewife, Brandi Glanville. Because otherwise, the show would be filled with older women with kids that are the age of many of their viewers who argue about petty things that we haven’t had to deal with since our high school days. Goodness, do I adore this show.

Erika Jayne is a new cast member and we have not yet been properly introduced to her, but her time is coming. Since she’s about to become a household name that some of you love and some of you could do without, we thought it might be fun to get to know Erika Jayne just a little bit. Who is this new Real Housewife, and what might she bring to the table this season in Beverly Hills?

She’s Young

At only 29, Erika Jayne is currently the youngest housewife in Beverly Hills (anywhere, maybe?). She was born on July 10, 1986 and she’s living her life the way that any 29-year-old aspiring superstar might. That’s not entirely accurate; she’s actually quite famous in her genre, it just does not happen to be the type of music on my playlist so I’ve never heard of her. Apparently, though, millions of others have.

She’s a Singer

Erika Jayne is a disco singer. She likes to sing dance music for clubs. She is one of the most famous dance singers in the world. If you were to compare her to singers on a more widely-known chart, such as top 40, she would be the Rihanna of her own music. That’s right; she’s that famous in the dance music industry.

There’s some Dispute Over Her Age

Many sites have Erika Jayne’s birth listed as 1986, making her 29. However, some news outlets are reporting that the dance singer is more like 46. To be quite honest, we just cannot even tell how old she is. She’s either aging very well or she’s spending a lot of money to keep herself looking young. All we know is that she could be either, but she does wear a lot of makeup and over-the-top hair, which can age you in an instant, so it’s difficult to tell where she might fall in terms of her age. We are certain, though, she’s happy with 29.

She’s Southern

Erika Jayne certainly does not sound like the name of a Beverly Hills housewives, does it? That’s because Erika Jayne is anything but a California girl. She is a southerner who hangs her hat in Atlanta, Georgia, where she was born a raised. Don’t be surprised to hear a little southern accent come out from time to time when she’s speaking. As a southerner myself, I’m going to predict we will see a lot of her inner south when she’s upset or passionate.

She’s got Six Number Ones

We told you that Erika Jayne is a famous dance and disco singer. She’s got six number one singles on the Billboard Dance Chart, and that’s big time. That puts her right there with the most famous singers in the world, which is not what many people would see when they looked at him.

Her Music is Famous

On top of having several number one tracks in her field, Erika Jayne also has her music featured on a number of famous soundtracks. One is “The Watch,” which is a Ben Stiller movie. Another of her songs is featured on the “The Neighbor,” a Jonah Hill movie, and the girls from Toddlers and Tiaras use her music on a regular basis, which means we’ve all heard at least one of Erika Jayne’s songs.

She’s a Married Lady

She might only be 29, but she’s been married for a while now. Her husband is Thomas Girardi, the founder of a very famous law firm in Los Angeles. Her husband is the founding partner at the law firm of Girardi & Keese, and he is a successful attorney with a very long career behind him in the business. He’s well-known and everyone in town knows who he is when he walks into a room.

She’s Considered a Gold Digger

We aren’t calling Erika Jayne a gold digger, because we don’t know her. Additionally, she seems to have a pretty lucrative career of her own so she’s making money. However, she’s 29 and her husband is 76. We are not mathematicians but when we see the years 1986 and 1939 together on a marriage license, we come up with a sum total of gold digger. Of course, it might be true love. What do we know about it?

Her Husband is to Thank for Erin Brockovich

This has nothing to do with Erika Jayne, but we love her husband as a general rule because it is his firm that brought us to the wonderful work of Erin Brockovich (honestly, who ever gets tired of watching Julia Roberts in that movie?). Her husband’s firm is the one that won $333 million for the people living in a California town in which residents were being diagnosed with cancer at an alarming rate because Pacific Gas & Electric was poisoning the water.

She’s Not Afraid to Speak her Mind

In real life, I don’t care at all for anyone who cannot handle herself with class and elegance; if someone in my life has an issue with someone else in my life, they typically just say something in a respectful manner, there is an apology or an agreement to disagree and a lot of respect. People work it out and then it’s in the past. However, if there is one thing I adore on reality television, it’s a woman who is going to speak up and call someone out in the most inappropriate location and the most inopportune time; it makes it fun. Erika Jayne already strikes me as that woman.

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