Adam Sandler Reported to be the Most Overpaid Actor

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Imagine being overpaid for something? Imagine barely putting in your worth and getting paid way too much to do it? No, you can’t imagine it, and I can’t either. But if your Adam Sandler you can imagine it. Heck, if you’re Adam Sandler, you’re living it. Forbes just released their list of actors who are overpaid in Hollywood as correlated to how talented they are. Seems Adam Sandler is reported to be the most overpaid actor. Yeah, sounds about right.

Contact Music has some more details, if you are interested, but trust us. The stats don’t lie. We are talking Sandler making upwards of $25 million dollars a picture. In some cases, these are movies barely pulling incomes that double that. Add to this the fact that his last two movies were bombs, yet he is still being paid like Jim Carey, and you start to see the truth. Adam Sandler really is the most overpaid actor in Hollywood.

Nicolas Cage and Katherine Heigl round out the list. Come to think of it, if you put Nic Cage and Adam Sandler in a movie as, I dunno, warring brothers fighting to impress their dying father or something, I would see that. I would so see that. But for now, Adam Sandler needs a miracle, or a really good movie.

Miracle sounds a little more realistic at this point.

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