Five Real Housewives Who Have Been Arrested

nene leakes

The Real Housewives franchise is an interesting one. What you have, essentially, is a group of women who are classified as housewives that cameras follow around in an attempt to document their lives so that the rest of the world knows how the ‘wealthy’ other half lives. The irony is that most of these women are not housewives, they are working moms. Some of them aren’t very wealthy at all, and most of them are confrontational and a bit overbearing. And they’re sometimes in a lot of trouble. In fact, a handful of these real housewives have spent some time behind bars, which certainly is not something that many housewives can say is true for themselves. So who has been locked up for something that they shouldn’t have done? Read on to find out which of your favorite housewives from various cities have spent time in jail after being arrested.

Ana Quincoces – Miami

The lawyer was recently arrested for driving on a suspended license in the Florida Keys. She claimed that she did not know her license was suspended, even though the officer that actually arrested her was the same one that pulled her over a few months ago and informed her that it was suspended. She said she was trying to escape roaches in her rental home.

Teresa Giudice – New Jersey

We all know who she is. The Jersey housewife is one of the most famous, currently entering her third month of a 15-month sentence after being arrested on multiple counts of fraud, including mortgage fraud and bankruptcy fraud.

Porsha Williams – Atlanta

The Atlanta housewife has been arrested several times, for both speeding and driving on a suspended license as well as assaulting another woman on the show. She’s no stranger to the process and looking her up means finding a few of her mugshots.

NeNe Leakes – Atlanta

People love her because she’s outspoken and she owns her life. But she’s been arrested several times. She was arrested and convicted of several felonies and misdemeanors and she spent two years on probation for some of them.

Danielle Staub – New Jersey

She was one of the least popular housewives of all time, and she caused a lot of trouble during her time on the show. And she’s been arrested, too. She was arrested for extortion and kidnapping, and her deal with the prosecution gave her a five year probation sentence.

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