10 Things That You Didn’t Know About Catelynn Lowell

Catelynn Lowell

Anyone who was a fan of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant or the current MTV series, Teen Mom OG, knows who Catelynn Lowell is. She is the girl who put her baby up for adoption after she was born because she knew that she and her boyfriend, Tyler would not be able to take care of a child at such a young age. Even if you are a huge fan of the show, chances are you don’t know everything there is to know about Catelynn Lowell.

Catelynn is a Smoker

MTV tries as much as possible to edit shots of the teen Moms smoking. This is because these girls are supposed to be role models for young woman, therefore, showing them smoking is not the best idea. While MTV tries, they cannot always edit the stars smoking. As it turns out, Catelynn and her boyfriend Tyler are both smokers. While Catelynn did quit smoking when she was pregnant with her second child, who she kept custody of, she did take up smoking again after the baby was born. If you have seen the new season of Teen Mom OG, you would know that Catelynn was also smoking marijuana up until she went to a rehab facility for her mental health problems.

Catelynn Got Married After Her SECOND Engagement

Catelynn married her childhood sweetheart, Tyler, in 2015. This was the second time the couple was engaged. The first time they were engaged, they had a wedding planned for July 13, 2013. According to Tyler, as the wedding date got closer, he realized that he wasn’t ready to get married. He told Catelynn this when the two participated in VH1’s Couples Therapy. Luckily, the couple learned the tools necessary to get past the broken engagement and they didn’t split up. Finally, on August 22, 2015, the couple were finally married and this time, Tyler was more than ready.

How Catelynn and Tyler Met

Everyone knows that Catelynn and Tyler have been together since they were in the 7th grade. Most people don’t know the whole story, though. The two met in their 7th-grade music class. Tyler said that when he saw her punk rocker hair, her huge boobs, and her feisty attitude, he fell in love. He knew that she would fit great with his hyper, edgy personality. According to Tyler, it was love at first sight.

Her Home Life Wasn’t the Best

Catelynn had a rough childhood. Her mother, April, was a drinker and a drug user for years. When she was a kid, her mother had a different boyfriend every few weeks, and she would stay up until all hours of the night partying with the radio very loud. Catelynn had to often ask her mother to keep it down because she had to get up for school in the morning. When Catelynn and Tyler were dating, Catelynn’s mother married Tyler’s drug addict father, which make them boyfriend and girlfriend and step siblings. Unfortunately, Tyler’s dad, Butch, hit Catelynn’s mother and was sent to jail. Today, both parents are clean and sober, however, there is still a restraining order so the two cannot be at any family functions at the same time.

Catelynn is Pro-Life

It is pretty obvious that Catelynn is pro-life as she chose to give her daughter up for adoption rather than have an abortion. What many people don’t know is how serious she is about it. In 2012, Catelynn sent out a tweet about a woman who was 20 weeks pregnant with twins and had an abortion. She stated that it was so wrong, and she included a link to a pro-life website.

Catelynn Wants a Huge Family

After Catelynn and Tyler gave up their daughter, they had another one when they felt that they were prepared to care for a child. After they got married, Catelynn told Tyler that she wants at least three more kids. Tyler isn’t so sure about four children and prefers the number three more.

Catelynn is Homeowner

One of Catelynn’s biggest accomplishments was moving out of the trailer park and purchasing a home of her own. Tyler fixed the place up, and it was great for the couple. As their family grew and they adopted dogs, they started to outgrow the house. Catelynn and Tyler bought a new home that needs major renovations. They bought it for the price and the extra space for their daughter and their dogs to run around.

Catelynn Lowell Net Worth

Both Catelynn and Tyler have spoken about continuing their educations, however, neither has started school as of yet. Neither has mentioned ever having a job either. Currently, the couple’s net worth is listed at 20,000, however, Teen Mom OG pays well. It was revealed recently that each star is paid $250,000 per season. There have also been rumors that some of the show’s cast negotiated for $300,000 per season. With this kind of money, the pair doesn’t even need to work to live comfortably.

Drug Use

Catelynn may have made the mature decision when it came to putting her daughter up for adoption, she did make typical teen mistakes. According to Catelynn, she smoked pot, drank cough syrup, snorted pills, and huffed air duster to get high. She stated that she felt things were getting out of control when she found herself lying on her back in the street in the pouring rain without even knowing how she got there. Tyler’s problem was worse than her’s and he was snorting cocaine. Soon, the couple stopped doing everything except for smoking marijuana. Recently, Catelynn went to rehab for her mental illness and got help with her marijuana abuse as well.

Physical Abuse

When Catelynn was younger, her mother was abused by her boyfriends often. One boyfriend not only beat April, but he picked Catelynn up by her throat and threw her. He then started choking her. It was Tyler who pulled the man off Catelynn and called 911.

Many of the facts listed above show how difficult Catelynn’s life has been. Rather than feeling sorry for herself, she has risen above it and created a lovely and healthy home for her daughter, Nova.

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