Five of Terra Jole’s Most Entertaining Videos


Terra Jole is the world’s smallest female impersonator. This little person star is a international celebrity standing four feet tall. Currently Terra is one of the stars of Little Women:LA and has established herself as one of the most popular cast members. It’s not too hard to figure out why. Terra is definitely the cattiest of the bunch. In fact recently she got into a fight with Christy throwing a drink in her face. And she’s also gotten into altercations that have led to hospital stays. Bottom line, don’t mess with this little lady or you’ll get it for sure.

Terra is married to Joe Gnofflo and they have a little girl Penelope. Of all the cast members of Little Women: LA it looks like Jole could very well land her own reality show that documents her own personal life. But today we’d like to share what we think are some of Jole’s best moments. It could be something from her music career or one of her famous impersonations.

Bottom line is that these five videos are amazing:

Booty Bee

This video is closing in on 700,000 views.  Wow.

Terra Doing Lady Gaga

Terra Jole as a mini Britney Spears

I’ma Let You Know

One of the best interviews ever

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