Lindsay Lohan Announced New Film at Sundance

Lindsay Lohan Press Conference At Social Film Loft - 2014 Park City

Lindsay Lohan headed to the Sundance Film Festival for a reason this winter. With a film crew catching every moment, Lohan made a high-profile announcement of a new film and a fresh start.

According to The Huffington Post, the 27-year old went to the independent cinema showcase to say she will produce and star in an upcoming film titled ‘Inconceivable’ set to start shooting in March. In the interview, Lohan expressed how grateful she is to be at Sundance moving on with her career:

“I’ve never had the honor of coming here before … to bring something to the table, which is starting fresh for me,” said Lohan, smiling broadly. “And I’m filming my Oprah docu-series right now, so I get to that to the people who have been watching that as well.  It’s a nice change to be back among people that are in the industry that I’ve been in since I was a kid.”

Lohan also described the movie as a psychological thriller about a woman trying to reclaim something she lost. Of course, Lohan said she could relate to the part. No director or co-star has been announced, but Lohan said she has been e-mailing a bunch of people. Well – anything can happen in Hollywood, but it’s hard to imagine this being a rousing success. Hopefully, Lohan can stay on the right track.

Image via Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

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