10 Reasons Why You Should Follow Ronda Rousey On Instagram

If you are an MMA or professional wrestling fan, the name Ronda Rousey will definitely trigger an immediate response. There are some fans who literally love to hate her. There are others who are fans and have followed her storied career for years. Ronda’s highly publicized fall from MMA grace has supplied her detractors with plenty of ammunition to launch a plethora of assaults at her. Honestly, I cannot explain with accuracy and specificity to the utterly complete decline of Rousey’s dominance in the UFC, but it something akin to the almost overnight decline of Mike Dominance at the peak of his career.

Despite all of the negative publicity, Rousey has returned to her roots of professional wrestling, leaving the octagon to enter the WWE ring. Whether you love her or hate her, I encourage you to follow this sports star on Instagram; it will give you a chance to get to know the real person. Here are 10 reasons to follow Ronda on Instagram.

1. She Shows A Softer Side of Herself

Sports fans are familiar with the tough brawling image of Ronda and whether she has been on the winning or losing side of the fight, she has always appeared to be tough. On Instagram, Ronda shares some gorgeous photos of her that show a softer side.

2. She Appears to be More Relatable than in Other Situations

One of the complaints of many of the UFC fans was that it was hard to relate to Ronda. Many fans believed that she was arrogant and often condescending, but that is not what she presents on her Instagram profile. She is open, and she consistently reveals a softer side of herself.

3. Her Posts of Inspiring

As a life strategist, the one thing I try to help people guard against is folding under the pressure of failure. No one is perfect, and we all fail. Ronda is aware of her imperfections, but she is also aware of the power of redemption, and she lives for it. It is the quest for redemption that inspires her followers.

4. She Proves She Has Style

While UFC fans are used to seeing Ronda in gloves and shorts, her Instagram profile allows her to reveal her fashion sense. She often shares photos of her in formal dresses and even heals. I must admit that there are times in which she appears to be uncomfortable, but I give her an A+ for the boldness to try new things.

5. She Still Trains Like A UFC Fighter

While Ronda is focused on the more scripted lane of the WWE, she is keenly cognizant of the fact that she will still need to be in excellent condition to have a successful career in professional wrestling. It is not uncommon for her to post pictures and video of public workouts. She may even leak information revealing where her next public workout will be.

6. Those Legs are Remarkable

Of course, Ronda is fit, and her body is expressive of her commitment to remain in peak condition at all times, but those legs are the legs of a goddess. Yes, it has taken a little time to master the stiletto stroll, but she is getting it down. Getting to see those beautiful legs alone is worth following her on Instagram.

7. She Uses Instagram As a Means of Leaking Otherwise Classified Information

Long before it became frontpage news, Ronda was hinting at her departure from the UFC to join the WWE, which did not surprise as many fans as she might have thought. Ever since she appeared at WrestleMania 31 several years ago, many fans have been speculating that she would make the jump to the ring.

8. She Promotes her Don’t Be a D.N.B. Campaign A Lot

Ronda has really been vocal about her belief that women need to get out and make their presence felt. She has a new movement called the Don’t Be A D.N.B. (“Do Nothing B**ch”). For Ronda, a D.N.B. is a woman who has external beauty and thinks that her beauty is all she needs to be relevant in the world.

9. She Looks Good in Denim

Although I love the fashionable side of Ronda, seeing her in some nice jeans or a denim skirt really makes her appear to be in her own space. She is literally building her fanbase off of her denim collection. Denim does her well.

10. She Appears More Human

Ronda has answered the claim that she is not approachable by taking more steps to reveal some of her vulnerabilities. Although her losing streak in the UFC is still a very sore subject, she does talk about almost everything else.

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