10 Things You Didn’t Know About Taylor Mckinney


If you are a fan of Teen Mom 2 and Maci Bookout, you may know who her husband, Taylor McKinney is. Teen Mom 2 fans know that Maci and her son Bentley’s father, Ryan, was not the most responsible guy in the world. He was always more of a friend to Bentley rather than a father and he wasn’t the best boyfriend to Maci. When Maci realized that things were never going to change with Ryan, she was ready to move on. She dated a few guys but nobody that she was ready to be with forever. That is when Taylor McKinney came into the picture. Since he and Maci started dating, her live started to change for the better. If you don’t know much about Taylor, below are 10 things about him that will help you get to know him a little better.

He Didn’t Know Who Maci Was

The first time that Maci met Taylor, they didn’t spend much time getting to know each other. The second time that they met, they actually got to know each other. Mace was traveling with her best friend Raj to visit her friend Cassandra. When she got there, Cassandra went to meet Maci with her friend, and it was Taylor. During that meeting, he had no idea who she was. When people started taking photos of her, he figured she was on television, but he didn’t know what show. When he found out, he didn’t mention it at all. He just wanted to get to know Maci better. She really liked this about him because there are so many people out there who tried to get to know her just to be on television.

Taylor Took Things Slow

When Taylor and Maci first met, their relationship basically consisted of texting because he lived in Texas and she lived in Tennessee. When they were lying together in a bed, he didn’t try to kiss her or get too close, even though they had both been drinking. A few months later, she went back to visit him and spend the whole weekend together. Again, he didn’t try to kiss her. When she finally asked why he didn’t kiss her, he said that he respected her and he didn’t want to push her into anything too fast.

Taylor Uprooted His Life For Maci

Taylor and Maci had a long distance relationship for over a year. Eventually, they decided that they either had to make a change or they had to break up because long distance was no longer working. It didn’t take much for Taylor to make the decision to pack up everything, uproot his life, and move in with Maci.

Taylor Coached Bentley’s Baseball Team

Taylor, who had no children had to go through the transition of being Bentley’s friend to becoming a father figure. He told Bentley that he understood that he was not his father, but he would always be there if Bentley needed someone to talk to . He did let him know that he had to respect him as an adult. It didn’t take long for the two to become close, and Taylor started coaching Bentley’s Little League team.

He is a Step Father and a Father

When Taylor started dating Maci, he became an unofficial stepfather to her son Bentley. Maci hadn’t been off birth control long when she found out that she was pregnant with her daughter with Taylor, Jayde Carter McKinney. When they discovered that they were going to have another baby, Maci was already 21 weeks pregnant. She gave birth to their son, Maverick in May 2016.

He Started His Own Business

Taylor decided to fulfill his dream of owning his own business and he started his own clothing line called TTM Lifestyle Clothing and Apparel. He sells clothing for both men and women. Some people have been bashing Maci online saying that the clothing sizes were too small, that they were cheaply made, and that they are overpriced. Since it isn’t even Maci’s line, it is Taylor’s, Maci isn’t letting it bother her. Also, she has stated that these claims are not true.

His Proposal Was a Surprise

Maci was more than ready to marry Taylor and was beginning to get frustrated that he wasn’t asking. They had a child together, bought a home together, but they still weren’t married. Taylor went to a jeweler and had Maci’s engagement ring custom designed. He took her to the beach under the impression that they had to do some filming for Teen Mom 2 during a trip for a reunion show. He was really taking her there to propose. She was so happy after the proposal and got to share the new in person right after with her Teen Mom 2 co-stars. After Maci saw the ring, she said that it was exactly what she always imagined.

Taylor is a Married Man

On October 10, 2016, Taylor watched Maci walk down the aisle before they said “I do”, while their two children and her son, Bentley looked on. They got married in Florida and the MTV cameras were there filming the whole thing.

He Loves Motocross

One of Taylor’s favorite things to do is Motocross. It is a huge passion of his and one day, he plans to get his children in on the fun.

His Parents Filed For Bankruptcy

On September 21, 2005, Taylor’s parents, Larry and Evelynn McKinney were having money problems and they filed for bankruptcy. According to court documents, they had less than $40 in their checking account. The court documents listed their joint monthly income at $12,452, and their total monthly expenses were $16,417. On January 11, 2006, his parents were granted a bankruptcy discharge. According to recent reports, Maci and Taylor may also be having some financial trouble, with Maci owing over $78,000 in back taxes to the IRS.

Overall, Taylor McKinney seems to be a really nice guy. He is very calm and patient with Maci and with their children. He wants nothing but the best for them. At a young age, he is a husband, stepfather, father, homeowner, and business owner. He seems to have a lot on his plate, however, he takes it all in stride.

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