Whatever Happened to Rae Dawn Chong?

A lot of people have been wondering whatever happened to the Canadian actress Rae Dawn Chong? She became famous after appearing in the films “Quest for Fire” in 1981, “Beat Street,” in 1984 and “Commando” and “The Color Purple,” both released in 1985. The eighties were her best years for snagging roles in popular films. She did also appear in “Time Runner” in 1993, but after this, she seemed to drop off the map. It’s left her fans wondering what has happened to her and where has she gone since then?

Rae Dawn’s early life

Rae Dawn was born in February of 1961 and is the first daughter for famous actor and comedian Tommy Chong. She was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. From her father’s side, she is of Scottish, Irish and Chinese descent. Her mother, Maxine Sneed is of First Nations and Black descent. She also has three brothers and two sisters. Rae Dawn, two sisters, and one half-brother all pursued careers in acting.

She Rae was doing well in her acting career

Rae began her acting career by appearing in a few roles for television shows. She won an award for her leading role for her lead in the film “Quest for Fire.” She also appeared in “Choose Me” in 1984 and alongside her father in “Cheech & Chong’s The Corsican Brothers” in 1984 and again in “Far Out Man” in 1990.

What did she do after the 1990s?

While it may seem like Rae Dawn Chong disappeared after her last movie in the 1990s, she has still been around. She tried out for the “Highlander: The Series” part of Anne Lindsey and was considered for it but she didn’t get the part. Rae Dawn also appeared as a love interest in the Mick Jagger music video for “Just Another Night.”

She discovered Chris Pratt

Rae Dawn Chong was active in the film industry doing a lot more than acting, but these activities kept her out of the limelight and off the silver screen. She was also a producer and she is credited with discovering a young Chris Pratt when he was just 19. She first met Chris when he was working at a restaurant in Hawaii called the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company on the island of Maui. She scouted him and cast Pratt in her first directorial film. The movie was titled “Cursed Pat 3” and it was a short horror flick that was made in Los Angeles, California.

She also attended to her personal life

In addition to continuing on with other aspects of the film industry, Rae Dawn got married and had a child. Her first marriage was to a stockbroker named Owen Bayliss. Together the couple had a son they named Morgan. They divorced in 1982, and then Chong remarried C. Thomas Howell who was also an actor and also her co-star in the film “Soul Man.” They married in 1989 but the marriage didn’t last very long and ended in divorce in 1990. She married Nathan Ulrich in 2011, but the marriage only lasted three years and ended in 2014. There has been a lot going on in the life of Rae Dawn Chong and it helps to explain why viewers have gone through long periods of time without seeing her on television or in a film. She was busy working behind the scenes.

She had choice words to say about Oprah Winfrey

There was quite a stir about the opinions that Rae Dawn Chong has of Oprah Winfrey. They were pretty negative and some even believed that by sharing her feelings so publicly that she may have hurt her career in the entertainment industry. While others would disagree with this, she did carry on a bit and left no doubt about the fact that she has somewhat of an ax to grind. This was not received well by many of Oprah’s fans and let’s face it. Oprah is one of the most powerful women in the industry and it certainly didn’t help her to score any points. Perhaps Rae Dawn Chong is confident enough to believe that she doesn’t have to. At any rate, she’s still alive and well and although we’re not seeing her face, Rae Dawn Chong is always busy doing something in the business.

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