10 Things That Only the Real Housewives of Atlanta Understand

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Since hitting the airwaves back in 2008, Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta have been some of the most popular women in reality TV. Although their lives are full of never-ending drama,  and there have been several changes in the cast, viewers just can’t seem to get enough of this group of women. From NeNe and her in-your-face personality, to Cynthia and her level head, the RHOA are about as diverse as any group of friends (and enemies) can get. Unfortunately; however, many of the relationships between cast members tend to weaken with each passing season, but no matter what they will forever share the bond of being part of the show. Here are 10 things that only The Real Housewives of Atlanta understand.

Parents just don’t understand. 

Throughout her time on the show, Kandi Burruss and her mother, mama Joyce, have gone back and forth about Kandi’s relationships.  When Kandi began dating her now husband, Todd Tucker, mama Joyce had NO problem making her anti-Todd feelings very well-known. She even went as far as to confront Kandi’s cast member, Phaedra Parks, to ask her what she was thinking when she introduced the two.  However, while it’s clear that everyone on the show (including Kandi) thinks that mama Joyce is a little over the top, they have all remained respectful – which is a huge surprise given this group’s track record.

Being “Gone With the Wind fabulous” is an actual thing.

During the 5th season of RHOA, Kenya Moore announced that she was “Gone With the Wind fabulous.” To most people, that statement would mean absolutely nothing, but without even having it explained, the women of the cast knew that Kenya was throwing a little bit of shade.  The phrase has since gone on to become extremely popular, with Beyoncé even joining in on the fabulosity.

Friendships don’t last – even when there’s a contract.

For some reason, friendships between the cast members on RHOA just don’t seem to last. Perhaps it’s all the gossip and the back stabbing. However, in an effort to solidify her relationship with NeNe, Cynthia Bailey came up with a friendship contract which outline the rules of their relationship.  Although Cynthia says the contract was a joke, it quickly got blown out of proportion and people accused Cynthia of being obsessed with NeNe.  Sadly though, even a contract couldn’t keep NeNe and Cynthia’s friendship in tact.

Nobody is gonna check you, boo.

There’s a whole lot of checking that goes on RHOA.  The women on the show are famous for writing checks and they check for each other. However, during a very heated argument during the second season, former cast member, Sheree Whitfield posted a question that has yet to be answered: “Who gon check me, boo?!”

You don’t actually have to have cancer to have cancer.

During the first season, Kim Zolciak explained that the reason behind her extensive wig collection was because she had been battling a serious illness. Although Kim stated that she was sick, she was pretty secretive when people began to press for more information; however, she led people to believe that she was suffering from cancer. Seriously, who does that?!

You can throw shade, but you can’t throw hands.

On a serious note, hitting people is never okay – even on a reality TV show like RHOA.  Unfortunately for former cast member, Porsha Williams, she learned this lesson the hard way.  During the reunion for season six, Porsha and long time frenemy, Kenya Moore, found themselves in an argument which resulted in Porsha physically attacking Kenya. Apparently, Porsha missed the memo that clearly says you can argue all day and night, but you can’t put your hands on people.

NeNe is rich.

After the success of the show,  NeNe Leakes’ career took off.  She was given several acting opportunities, and was widely considered the most popular woman on the show. However, instead of keeping her accomplishments to herself, NeNe made it a point to tell anyone who would listen that she was RICH.

Don’t be tardy for the party.

The RHOA are probably still tardy to, well, everything – but they did learn a valuable lesson about doing business favors for friends.  After helping Kim Zolciak put together and record her “Tardy For The Party” single, Kandi found herself getting the short end of the stick when the song blew up and Kim started making money.  The situation ended up driving a wedge between their friendship, and Kim found every possible excuse to explain why she Kandi wasn’t paid adequately.

Money can’t buy love.

This is something that everybody knows, but no one understands it like the RHOA. When she first entered the show during the fifth season, Kenya Moore’s storyline revolved around her longing for a romantic relationship.  Seems simple enough, right? Of course things are never simple with this group.  After finding a boyfriend,  Walter Jackson, rumors began circulating that Kenya had paid him to appear with her on the show.  Although she denied these claims, anyone who saw the show can tell that Walter just wasn’t really that into her.  Apparently, those checks didn’t have enough zeroes at the end for him to really get into the role.

Don’t come for anyone, unless they send for you.

The cast of the show, who have become queens of the cat fight, know exactly how to handle themselves when it comes to arguments and confrontation.  Although they love getting in each other’s faces, they all seem to be equally as well versed in dishing it as they are in taking it. However, even this group doesn’t appreciate problems being started for no reason – that’s the type of thing that can get somebody’s feelings hurt!

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