5 Real Housewives Taraji P. Henson Reminds us Of

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2015 has been an incredible years for actress, Taraji P. Henson.  During the winter, she began starring on a show, Empire, in which she plays convict turned record label executive, Cookie Lyon. In what appears to be overnight, Henson, who has been acting for more than 20 years, has become an internationally known star. Thanks to the show’s success, Henson, often finds herself breaking into character while out spending time with her friends and family. As a result, fans are getting to know a few things about both Henson, and her character, and it appears that neither of them are willing to stand for any foolishness..  Here are 5 Real Housewives Taraji P. Henson reminds of.

1. NeNe Leakes

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NeNe Leakes is perhaps the most well-known cast member in Real Housewives history.  A as veteran member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast, Leakes has worked has to earn her respect.  However, her rise to the top hasn’t been without its bumps. Like Leakes, Henson, has had to work very hard for everything she’s gotten.  Although Henson has been acting since the late 90s, she hasn’t always received the roles or recognition she deserve.

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2. Teresa Giudice

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If you’ve watched TV at all anytime over the last few months then you’ll know that Henson is currently staring on the Fox network series, Empire.  Similar to Henson’s character on the show, Cookie, Giudice is serving a prison sentence.  However, lets hope that things go a little better for Giudance than they did for Henson.

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3. Sheree Whitfield


Sheree Whitfield isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and neither is Henson. When she believed that her teenage son had been racially profiled by the police, Henson immediately spoke out and called attention to the issue.

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4. Kandi Burress

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Despite being on a reality TV show full of drama, Kandi Burress has remained one of the sweetest and most levelheaded cast members. According to those who have worked with Henson, she is a very sweet person who is a pleasure to be around.

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5. Lisa Vanderpump

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Henson is all  about getting things done.  Over the years, she could have easily walked away from acting due to a lack of opportunities; however, she chose to stick it out, and now she can enjoy the fruits of her labor. Lisa Vanderpump may have made a few enemies during her time on the show, but she’s also about making sure things get done according to plan.

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