10 Things Eileen Davidson Doesn’t Want You To Know

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Since it’s debut, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been one of the most popular shows in the franchise. With a case that brings just the right amount of drama mixed with a pinch of class, viewers just can’t seem to get enough. When the show welcomed a new cast member, Eileen Davidson, at the beginning of season five, viewers wondered how she would fit in with the veterans. With one season under her belt, Eileen Davidson is working to cement her place with the other housewives. Only time will tell whether or not she’s able to hold her own, but for now, fans are still wondering about the soap opera star. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Eileen Davidson.

She’s been married three times

These days, it’s not uncommon for a person to have been married multiple times. However, it’s still not something that most people go around advertising. As someone who was raised Catholic, Eileen Davidson’s three marriages are something that she likely didn’t plan. While her first two marriages lasted a combined total of four years, her most recent marriage to Vincent Van Patten in 2003 seems to be going strong.

She may be a home wrecker

Each series in The Real Housewives franchise has its experience with home wreckers, and while each has dealt with them in its own way, one thing is for sure: nobody likes a home wrecker. According to rumors, Eileen Davidson and her husband, Vincent Van Patten, began dating while he was still married to his previous wife. These allegations have caused a rift between Eileen Davidson and her RHOBH cast member, Brandi Glanville, whose husband left her for another woman a few years ago. Once the rumors start flying around that someone is a home wrecker, it definitely causes problems for them on the show.

She has a reputation for being “cold”

One of the most important tests for any RHOBH cast member is seeing how they can get along with others. In most cases, people seem generally likable during their first season, but after they get comfortable things start getting a little crazy. According to Eileen Davis’ RHOBH cast mate, Lisa Rinna, Davidson can be “cold” and “aloof” towards other women, which can eventually cause problems for her on the long run.

Women don’t trust their husbands around her

Let’s face it, someone with a reputation for stealing husbands probably isn’t the kind of person you want hanging around your husband. According to some online sources, some of the women  don’t feel comfortable with Eileen Davidson hanging around their husbands. However, this seems a little ironic because she seems to be happily married. But unfortunately, once a rumor gets out, it’s hard to disprove.

There are rumors that she was born a man

Eileen Davidson is definitely not the first celebrity to deal with rumors that she may have been born a man, and while these rumors are not true, they’re still annoying. Unfortunately, the the Internet doesn’t need something to be true to make a good story out of it, and there are still plenty of people who are questioning whether or not Eileen Davidson was born a female.

She’s dramatic

Let’s face it, Eileen Davidson is a soap opera queen, and there’s almost nothing more dramatic than a good soap opera. Although being able to turn up the drama is a necessary quality for actors and people on reality TV, no one likes being accused of being dramatic. While she has been remained relatively quiet so far on the show, there’s no doubt that she definitely has what it takes to bring some serious drama to the show.

She could have been Angelina Jolie’s step-mom

During the 80s, Eileen Davidson has a pretty intense relationship with Angelina Jolie’s father, Jon Voight. A source close to the couple claims that they had a very “passionate” relationship, and Davidson hoped that Voight would be able to help her break away from soap operas. Had Eileen Davidson and Jon Voight stayed together, she would have been Angelina Jolie’s step-mother although the two are only 16 years apart.

She’s one of the least memorable cast members

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has some pretty big personalities to keep up with, and there are some women on the show who have been around for a while. With that being said, newcomers often have a hard time finding their niche. For people who are interested in being reality TV stars, knowing that they’re not actually one of the stars of the show can be a little nerve wrecking. While she made it through her first season on the show, Davidson definitely isn’t one of the most memorable cast members on the show.

She may not last long on the show

When it comes to reality TV, only the most interesting survive and Eileen Davidson has let to prove that she has what it takes to survive on the show. RHOBH has gone through several women in its five seasons on the air, and if she isn’t careful, Eileen Davidson could be the next one to get the ax.

She can be catty

With taping for the sixth season underway, it looks like Eileen Davidson may be starting to show her true colors. According to sources, she’s already displaying catty behavior towards the other women, including RHOBH queen, Lisa Vanderpump. While starting beef with veteran cast members can be a quick way to become a new star, it can also be a quick way to turn viewers off.

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